Ennu Ninte Moideen Biriyani

Ennu Ninte Moideen Biriyani

I am a proud Biryani lover and I go to every nook and corner of the city looking for a biriyani centre.
According to me, a good biriyani is one which can be eaten without any side dish, be it raitha or brinjal chutney.But the best biriyani is one which brings a smile on your face the moment you see it. This smile is so special that it doesn’t come from the heart, it comes from the stomach.

A few days back, While having biriyani at one of the joints, I was bragging about my love of biriyani to one of my friends and he asked me whether I had been to ‘Moideen Biriyani’ in ‘Pallavaram’. I had never heard of a place like that. It was a like a slap across my face to tell me that I am not the be all and end all of biriyani lovers.

I had a client meeting at Chromepet, a few kms away from Pallavaram. The moment the meeting was over, I remembered the slap on the face and decided to go to Moideen. As I reached Pallavaram, I called my friend for directions and he told me to ask anyone there and they would guide me. I asked at 3-4 places and to my surprise, everyone guided me to this place perfectly. I saw the board and there was a long queue outside that place. I really thought there was a Tasmac wine shop nearby and for the first time in my life, I saw a long queue for a plate of biriyani.


Guys… It wasn’t free biriyani to attract such a huge crowd. People had to buy tokens on the extreme right of the corridor and join the long queue.

If you remember the movie ‘Guna’, Kamal Hassan stands in a queue to get laddoos from his imaginary lover ‘Abirami’. Here, it was me smiling more and more as I was getting closer to the take away point.
We wait in Tirupati for 24 hours in a line and the moment we feel the chillness in the air, we know that we are nearing the sanctum. The moment idol is in front, everyone goes crazy, not knowing what to do or pray. By the time we realise we have reached the place, we are out of that place.

I knew my wait for 20 mins was coming to an end. I could feel the aroma of Moideen biriyani. Every second near the take away point was a war I had to wage with my stomach as it wasn’t ready to wait anymore. I saw a small room with 2 huge vessels filled with biriyani. I gave my token thinking that they would take some time and I can enjoy seeing the way they operated. They were so quick that by the time I could register how they were handling, I had my biriyani and was out of that place.

The moment I had the hot biriyani, it was like Rajni winning the first ticket for chinna thambi in the Movie ‘Mannan’. It was  happiness and jubilation.. I had a sense of victory and joy all over. I knew this was going to be one of the best biriyanis I have ever had.

This place had just 2 small rooms with slabs attached to walls. In one of those rooms, there were almost 20 people from varied backgrounds standing shoulder to shoulder . From torn lungis to Raymonds trousers. From the ones who own cars to the ones who walk their way. This biriyani brought everyone together. The divide something which most governments failed to reduce, was achieved by biriyani. People are the same in 2 places. One in front of god and other in front of food.

I stood among those people to eat my biriyani. The moment I tasted it, my eyes closed, I felt a sense of silence and peace in that crowded place and it was that moment of ecstasy and bliss which every biriyani lover yearns to experience. I had a packet of fried chicken to eat along with the biriyani. The taste was so good that I didn’t want to eat fried chicken and spoil the taste of something which was just amazing by itself. I gave away the fried chicken to a beggar and to see that smile was so gratifying.

For a person, who has tasted all kinds of biriyanis starting from Venu & thalapakkati in dindigul, Paradise and Bahar’s cafe in hyderabad, Star in Ambur, khaja in Vaniyambadi to thalapakkatu, Ameerunisa, Buhari, muniyandi vilas, aasife, Kalayana bhavan, Anjappar, Arasappar, Ponnusamys and many more in Chennai, this will go down as one of the best Biriyanis I have ever eaten.

A Tirupati Darshan for a pilgrim,
Chinna Thambi tickets for Rajni,
Abirami for Guna,
Moideen for Kanchanamala,
Moideen Biriyani for me….

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum

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The Twins

Jai and Veeru were born together. Science gave them some name, Mr.sippy gave them some name and why not, even Gabbar gave them some name. But, I simply called them The Twins.

They were identical, conjoint and resembled their band of brothers. They looked the same, did the same and lived the same.

Most of them wished for their unity and few took vows to separate them.

They were an epitome of brotherhood. They lived with and travelled with each other, yet none among both interfered with each other’s life.

They believed in service to mankind and did that very responsibly. They served people with all their might with a few hours of rest in the night.

They definitely had the power in them to ignite the life of their colleagues and helped them show the right way.

Many felt their service to mankind to be their strength but SOME felt the same to be their weakness.

When such small SOME killed THE TWINS in the name of jihad, the papers read

“Western Railway lines blown by LeT”.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


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Merry shivrathri

Nikhil, a guy of 23, busy making his career was caught in the pangs of love. He met a female who was a staunch Christian and he being from a Brahmin community, it was a forbidden path for him to cross. But the letter R(eligion) had no role to play in their divine relationship. This strange relationship went on for six long years. Do you believe getting along with a girl for six years, when the validity of a so called true love these days doesn’t even exceed a quarter.

To commemorate that great day, Nikhil sprang a surprise on Sabrina. He met her on the 15th of September and took her for a long drive to recollect all that happened on the same day six years ago.

This was a very special drive for Sabrina as she yearned for it for a very long time but Nikhil could not make it materialize. And that day he went with a mindset not to say no to whatever Sabrina asked for. The highway was the road of her fantasy and when Nikhil hit the highway, Sabrina was lost for words. She felt joy gushing through every vein of hers. She could see her ardent desire was about to be fulfilled. Ecstasy was what she felt. She just said Thank You. Sabrina loved to drive along green fields and enjoy nature. Nikhil did just that. He drove down and spoke and expressed all that he felt. He was so excited to be seated beside her. There was joy, excitement and overwhelming passion which were expressed on his face. Sabrina just looked at him and enjoyed every reaction of his excitement. She felt like doing so many simple acts which would give him the joy of being with her and he tried to do all that she would like him to do. Thus, they went on doing these things pleasing each other and at the same time rejoicing because the other felt happy.

Suddenly, Sabrina asked Nikhil to stop and buy a cup of tea and something to eat. He did it with no hesitation and relished the idea that he was able to get her something to eat. They had the tea together after raising a toast to their cherished relationship and she began to feed Nikhil as he drove on. Nikhil did not want this drive to end, so he drove down a deserted country road in the midst of green fields. He reached out to kiss her as he could no longer suppress his pent up feelings. Their lips brushed against each other and pangs of love rushed from within their bowels and into their veins. Memories clouded their minds and they were reminded of their first kiss. In a few seconds, they could feel each other so warm and they wanted more of each other but they were on the road. The drive went on. Nikhil held her hand and caressed his beard. She could not withhold it any longer. She felt everything within her cry out for more of him. Nikhil looked into her eyes and relished the passionate look she expressed. He understood it all, but could satisfy her only with a touch and kiss. They recollected the day they met, the place and the sequence of events. They laughed together and thanked god for this gracious hand that had kept them together for these six long years. They realized the value of their relationship, the worth of each other and the grace of god.

While sharing such moments and thoughts, time was drawing near for them to part. Their drive was coming to an end. Sabrina asked Nikhil to stop and buy flowers. She gave him the opportunity to experience the joy of placing flowers on her head. She enjoyed that moment and he experienced that joy. On their way back, they crossed a church and suddenly Nikhil asked if she wanted to go for a visit to the church. Sabrina just could not believe that another desire of hers was about to be fulfilled. They reversed the car and entered the church. It was like a man and wife walking up to the altar. Sabrina knelt down and prayed. She once again thanked god for bringing Nikhil into her life and for all the joys and sorrows they shared together. She specially thanked god for that wonderful day which she believed was god given. There was radiance on her face when she came out and Nikhil understood the day was complete and he could satisfy Sabrina to the utmost.

They drove on and now they finally reached the spot where they had to part. Sabrina shook hands with Nikhil and wished she would never have to leave it. Nikhil felt he could go on holding her hand. They bid good bye and went in different directions just to come back and discuss about the day, the day they wished to remember, the day that went into their annals, a day that would never be forgotten, A day given to them by god, the most unforgettable day of their lives. It was definitely a day to remember.

“Hey Nick, she slept off even before you started the story. How many more times would you tell her the same story just because it’s our own. NO NO NO DON’T WAKE HER UP………………………”

“Amma what ma!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Merry Shivrathri baby.”

Nikhil, a guy of 23…………………………………………………

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


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Jai hind ki sena

aye mere vatan ke logo                                   (O! the people of my country!)
zaraa aankh mein bhar lo paani                   (
have some tears in your eyes)
jo shaheed hue hain unaki                              (
those who have become martyrs)
zaraa yaad karo qurabani                               (
remember their sacrifice)

Every time I listen to this beautiful song, tears roll out of my eyes and take me to that day which defined my life.

May 12, 1999

Army Quarters, Jammu

I could sense that he was desperate and passion to make love was running high. Any man would be that way when he meets his love after six long months of loneliness. I had a steamy shower and came out with lovely red dress to make his manhood run riot.

The clock stuck nine,

He sipped a pint of wine,

Then his lips pecked mine, and

I got what was mine.

He just pushed me to the bed and I could feel the warmth of his skin on mine. He conquered every inch of me with his moist lips and the terrain wasn’t too rough for the horse to gallop. We were on fire and the burning desire was just helping us travel higher and higher towards Venus. We reached the wild land of ecstasy, our lips met, our hearts spoke, and we cuddled there, breathing hard and before I could open my lips to ask for one more, phone rung frantically.

I felt cozy under the blanket and was listening to Abhi speaking



leaving immediately Sir,

Okay Sir”.

Abhi came back slowly, sat by my side and before he could open his mouth, I asked him with great sense of sadness when he was supposed to leave and Abhi said “Abi Kargil jaana hai, Operation Vijay keliye(Need to leave to Kargil immediately for Operation Vijay)”.

The bags which he had brought that morning hadn’t been opened and he took those and left home at 11pm along with so many others in the quarters.

Once he had left, I was again forced to share my life with loneliness and the wait for a call from Abhi, was the only thing which was really worthy.

July 10, 1999

The news channels were wrecking my nerves about the intensity of the war and the casualties of the same. The absence of any news from Abhi was getting me tensed and pushing me into depression.

Finally, I got the call, the final call from Abhi

Abhi: Hey Pooja, situation is bad and couldn’t call

Pooja: Aap safe ho

Abhi: Yeah, I am fine and I have been assigned the capture of point 5140.

Pooja: Sambaalke (Careful). I am waiting for you

Abhi: Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolour, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure dear. Love you.

July 24, 1999

The phone rang again for the final time in the army quarters at Jammu, to inform me that Lt.Abhimanyu had been wrapped and was being sent to our home at Delhi for the final rites. The news pulled the life out of me, shattered my heart and every time I tried to gather myself, I broke down. My crying got my neighbors to console me saying that it was a brave death and those ladies were bringing down the gods not to give them the same plight as mine.

I rushed to Delhi, bidding adieu to all those in the quarters who were by my side when Abhi was away.

I swam through all sorts of emotions when I travelled from Jammu to Delhi. I felt the great loss, the permanent void he had created, the deadly remorse, the pride that he had shouldered the nation and the love I would miss. We generally departed to meet and met to depart but this time, we departed to depart.

July 28, 1999

The fighting ceased on July 26, 1999 and India had succeeded in Operation Vijay. I was expecting Abhi would be brought in at any time and I had made up my mind not to break down when he was brought in with all honors and I did succeed in doing so till all the final rites were completed.

When I was left with the great memories, Captain Surya came near me, held my hands and told me “Your husband was a great son to this country. I went for his cover when he was severely wounded in his leg and told him thera biwi wait kartha hai(Your wife is waiting for you) and you need to leave the field. Abhi ne bola, sir, meri maa bhi (my mother India is waiting too). He fought like a warrior and when he was about to succeed the mission, his fate was decided the other way around. When he was sweating to death in his chaps and iron chest plate he said “Khush rahanaa desh ke pyaaro ab ham to safar karate hain” (Stay happy, beloved citizens of the country, now we start our journey)”.

I broke down with great pride of being the wife of Lt.Abhimanyu who laid down his life for India when I read the last page of his diary “Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail”.

August 15, 1999

The pride I carried was acknowledged by the Indian government when Abhi was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra (India’s highest gallantry award) and when I went to collect the award, it wasn’t me alone, I had Arjun in my womb, Abhi’s gift of love for me.

PS: The warriors had only one request, remember them.

Jai Hind


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Bapu- were you intelligent???





Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,


Dear Bapu,

Sorry Bapu for placing you at hell and referring you with such an unpleasant nick name. I know half the nation would have started looking for me after the disrespect I have shown to you. But I know that you would be patient as you had never reacted to such petty issues. You have been, you are and you shall be revered as the father of the nation but only a few including you and me know that you were a father of four pillars which crumbled without a puff of dust being displaced. All your sons were Gandhis but none of those Gandhis ruled the roost. Your generosity had no limits as your surname survived, survives and shall continue to do so in the modern political world whereas the historians are still searching for your descendants.

This was the moment which created a lot of anguish in me and made me call you an intelligent fool. You were intelligent in saving our mother from the British brothels but you were a fool in handing over our loving mother to the pimps of contemporary politics.

I feel really proud that you were instrumental in the upliftment of the outcaste and giving them the title of ‘Harijans’ but don’t hang me if I call you a dismal politician. The first thing on your agenda should have been to have a media channel in your name to telecast, all through the day, the lunch you had in a Dalits’s house portraying your interest on their welfare . Something which should have been constantly maintained by you was that you hated publicity and you didn’t know how your secret schedule got leaked to the media. This would have definitely ensured a great vote bank. For a long time, I felt Zee TV was your benami holding as most North Indians pronounced it as Gee TV. I shall take the blame partially but the major blame shall be on the general nomenclature system followed. (i.e.) is to have the first letter of the politician as the name of the channel (A, B, C, V, J, K and so on).

Your political career has not only brought about a loss for you and your family but also for your fellow men at Porbandar. If you had been like any of the present day politicians, you could have made Porbandar the capital of Gujarat and if you had tried harder, it could have even been named as the capital of India. You could have also brought about a few railway stations connecting few of the airports and sea ports in Porbandar. You missed out cheaply on playing the right cards at the right time. Sometimes, I felt whether you ever knew to hold those cards. I feel pity for the people of Porbandar as Information Technology is still a distant entity and if you had just moved your coins to the correct squares, the IT corridor would have proudly stood at Porbandar making it the It hub of India. If you had been like one among the current politicians, you wouldn’t have let Gujarat be a liquor free state and would have fought to make Gujarati a Classical Language (Semmozhi in Tamil).

You were a leader of the Indian national Congress but for no use as I have never heard buses being burnt. I am completely innocent about politics without destruction of public property. I am amazed that you never knew all these things.

I completely blame you for starting the Non-Cooperation Movement as this has been religiously followed by the opposition in the parliament till date. The purpose for which it was started by you has been forgotten but the concept is very strongly embedded, “Non-Cooperation”. The ‘Quit India Movement’ which raised eye brows all over the country during the time you started receives a lot of eye balls in the form of media coverage as the principle is still being followed with a slight alteration, that the word ‘India’ is being substituted with the state concerned. Politicians today have forgotten where they belong to.

I have been criticizing you all through, but I still feel a great sense of regret in not seeing any of your sons in the cabinet. I personally feel, you lost the golden egg yielding machine when you walked out of the Indian national Congress and never thought of starting a new party competing the INC.

Something which was common between you and the present day politicians was that both of you have been arrested for so many cases, you for civil and they for criminal. If you had had a few criminal cases under your belt, the ticket for contesting in the elections would have been a cake walk for you. Bapu, weren’t you a fool in following the good for nothing philosophy of ahimsa and giving us that rotten philosophy. Your philosophy made us lose a lot of blood, flesh and precious lives of fellow men. In return ahimsa gave us our land back and gave us something more too in addition, your assassination. If you had been an intelligent criminal, it would have been Nathuram calling ‘Hey ram’ and not you.

One last thing, If you had not struggled, The British would have controlled the delicate womb of our mother and deflowered her in front of the world. We would have had roads reflecting our faces, skyscrapers blotting the skies and emotions blotting our hearts but what you have left us, is an air free to breathe, a great culture to follow and a beautiful life to live.

Be proud Bapu for being revered as the Father of the Nation instead of being spat at, as a father of a few and a husband for many.

Love you Bapu

Ram Ram

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum



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It’s time to move on

When I was on board, I thought I had fled successfully and had escaped with great ease, but to my shock, the game wasn’t over yet. I had been captured yet again. I was being surrounded by a big battalion which was blocking  my eyes. Fate did have its role to play as Arjun (my son) was the commander of the battalion with a lovely firing order smiling at me. Didn’t know whether it was good luck or otherwise to see my son in front of me before the climax of an unworthy man.

I had always been a fighter and I was still looking for a flaw in their battle formation so as to find an escape route. The battalion had seen many like me and their formation was with greatest accuracy leaving no way of escape. The way things were taking place, I knew it was going to be curtains down in a short while. It left me no other option than to pray to my savior for an unknown portal to open and lend his divine hand so that I could be guided out from this band of soldiers.

Guilt is such a killing feeling which comes to you when it’s completely unwarranted. The guilt was taking me through an ideal life which I could have lived with my family leaving many happy and proud of my living. Thoughts were making me yearn for a day more to make things straight, and were pushing me to beg the commander to take back his firing orders and give me a second chance. I taught him, duty was the foremost and I knew he wouldn’t let my words go down the drain.

My life was just running like a reel in front of me and I could look at everyone who loved me. I was yearning to spend a few minutes with my granddaughter Pooja who was playing with her doll not knowing she wouldn’t see her dada (grand father) again. “I should have let go the clumsy burning finger which I held all through, when you asked me to hold your hands to raise and dance the ‘ring-a-ring-a roses’. I should have sang with you the ‘Jack and Jill’ instead of fetching a pail of beer for myself and tumbling before you. I was busy feeding myself with smoke and ecstasy, while you were yearning to sit on my lap thinking that I would feed you showing you the moon and telling you a story”.

I was still waiting for my savior, with my son walking around me with some kind of an object on his shoulder and saying something which I couldn’t understand as I have never been in this situation before. Arjun was a boon for Maya and myself. “If I had known earlier that I would be in such a state I am in today, I would have shared your joys and sorrows the way Maya did. I don’t blame you for the rift caused between us as it was me who made things go the wrong way. I have let you down in so many places and I know that you have never done that to me in front of others. You have made me proud in every way you could. My ego didn’t let me bow down to you and please forgive me for that. I should have enjoyed your success with you rather than enjoying your success with my friends drinking in the bar. I called everyone on my contact list to tell that you have succeeded, when you weren’t at home. I always wished good for you and have always thought that you should live your life better than I did. Only mistake was that I never did those things in front of you and expressed my true love for you. I am proud of you and I love you”.

My savior hadn’t come yet and when Arjun was behind me, I was struck by a pale figure standing in one corner wearing a white sari weeping louder with every step Arjun was taking around me. I have never seen her that way; she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. “Hey Maya, the memories of meeting you are still fresh on my mind. I still remember the day we met, you in that lovely blue sari and your hair flowing like a wave.That swept me off my feet for the first time in my life, I felt you were irresistible.Phew!!! What a day!!! An unforgettable one. I remember our first hug, the first kiss, the first gift, the first night and our first and only love for each other. Sorry da for not quitting smoking and spoiling my health and your life. You have always stood by me during thick and thin and I am really sorry for leaving you alone.”

I had put her loving soul to distress while I suffered from a burnt black lung affected by cancer and was now moving away to an unknown land.

“Maya, I loved you for what you were, with all I had and the love for you which is still burning in me, begs for a day more so that I can see you colourful again. Please Maya,let us bid adios on a better note,not a tearful one. I can’t leave you like this.Will miss you.”

I heard a bang, the pot Arjun was carrying on his shoulder had crashed onto the surface as he was done with three rounds of walking around me. While he was ready to set ablaze the wooden soldiers that surrounded me, my savior arrived. I saw that unknown portal open, with an outstretched hand to lead me and before I could request for a day more, my earthly body already on fire and I heard a patient voice telling me “It’s time to move on, my son”.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


Enjoy nature

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Battle of the laws (????-????)

Battle of the laws (?????- ?????)

I hope the title hasn’t misled the motive of the article. I have never known any conflicts between the laws of any country and if at all they existed, they were completely ahead of what my brain could perceive. The word battle and the Question mark in the title tickling your eyes definitely require some attention. The greatest of the battles that had rattled this world had a specific start and end point but this is about a battle which is been taking place from the time eve became the first mother in law and is being taking place with same fervor, enthusiasm, with no compromise on quality and with an inclination to make it better and bigger. This battle has been present from time immemorial and shall definitely be there until mankind exists. I present to you the Battle of the laws (M I L and D I L) for the loss of a property called Son/husband (problem is both are the same person).It’s just that one plays two roles and begs to god he could have been two.

This definitely clarifies my title as the question left unanswered now will never get answered in the course of the story as the latest trend of nomenclature explains that the title should be inversely related to the story line. You all might think why such petty things are given such hype. When World cup soccer and IPL can create a frenzy, Rekha hugging Jaya and Katrina smooching Ranbir can form part of a headline and the neighbour’s son going to Ethiopia can be treated as an 8th wonder by people in my neighbour hood why not give the battle which forms an integral part of every family in this world a small place in my blog.
Battle of the Laws

Since this battle is a common feature in every household, I thought of taking you to a house named Love’s nest filled with love for a person named Santhanakrishnan who had been born and brought up in this very same house by his parents Ramakrishnan and thirupurasundari. Santhanakrishnan was taken care by his parents in the best possible manner and all comforts were provided to him before he could think of one. He was put in the best of the schools and he did justice by being a topper in most of the levels. The passion for Human resource management helped in get a seat in the best institution in India and his research on solving interpersonal conflicts raised eyebrows of many throughout the world. His passion paid off when he was luckily offered a glittery package in a great company in Chennai (the place where is heart was attached to). He had a lovely work life balance but still managed to get fast track promotions from the time he joined the company for his out performance. He was rated as one of the best HR managers the company had ever seen and these accolades were definitely put to test when the feeling of love which was a passerby till now, visited his heart in the form of Geetha. Love leaves none. When Rules Ramanjum can turn into Ramp Walk Remo, why not Cycle Santhanam turn into Bullet Santa.

After 2 years of wait, trials and unpleasantness, their marriage took place and established two important things. One, his mother was losing the sole importance she enjoyed of her son due to the marriage and the other is that Geetha’s persistence had got her a victory which gave her golden hand over him.

The Entry of the fourth member into the nest was the turning point for Santhanam (Mother calls him Santhanam), oh sorry, Santa (Geetha calls him Santa). When reference to a person by a name you like creates such a lot of botheration between the laws as being old fashioned and not being respectful, then
where am I? I would call him SK in short hoping both don’t turn towards me for naming him.

Every day of his life after marriage was not a war between the laws but a war he had to wage with those two possessive souls. SK had a horrid time from the instant he woke up till he laid down to sleep. Sometimes dreams also ditched him when he saw his face on a football, drums and so many other things which were being played with, by his wife and mother simultaneously. SK’s prayer every night was for the sun to never rise again but god wanted him to solve things the hard way.

Sun rose, SK got up and there were two cups of coffee in front of him, one prepared by his wife and the other by his mother, the one who has been preparing coffee for him even prior to his marriage. The choice of the cup was directly related to his love for the person who made it. Every choice would make one unhappy. He had planned this out in such a way that he chose Geetha’s on Monday and mom’s on the next so that Friday would be Geetha’s turn and the weekend would go on in a great fashion. This technique didn’t last long as problem got channelized and formed a good pattern but never ended. He never knew that these things have never been solved before and tried something different by trying two cups daily, one immediately after waking up and one after breakfast. This also created the same problem of two cups in the morning and two cups after breakfast. SK got fed up with all these things thought about a great idea wherein he would mix both the cups of coffee and finish it off in a gulp as he wanted something hot in the morning for some better reasons known to him and many who have such habit and the same reason as SK.

One fine morning, there were two cups in front of him and he decided to implement his latest idea. He just gave a smile, mixed both and had a nice hot cocktail. He felt a great sense of achievement after doing it and just looked at both going away without any word at each other. He thought that his trick had done wonders but it wasn’t the case. The royal walk by both away from him did solve the confusion partly as they treated this as an insult to their love and stopped serving coffee from the next day.

If a cup of coffee can create such a lot of problems, think about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now SK uses the house for lodging purposes and uses kalikambal mess for every possible intake of food and beverages.
He spent the entire office time planning to tackle the issues at home which helped him tackle the official problems with ease. With great sense of planning, he reaches home to find that the plan he had done would have gone obsolete within a few hours. He tried taking sides and realized every moment in one side was used to find fault with the other side and decided it would never solve his problem. He then decided that he would support both, this again back fired as both on either side make him look like a ping pong ball jumping to either side. Sometimes, certain rare things do happen when your time is not good. Those who don’t face each other would stand together facing him and again he was the one getting bashed.

There were so many instances which made SK look like a Cat on the wall. He had to jump on either of the sides but he preferred walking with the intention of serving two and failing with both. He announced his promotion and salary hike to all in the house to solve the problem of importance and finally, this rippled a greater problem for him as such an act portrayed a lack of affection and closeness towards both the parties. Every act to cajole one would lead to crashing on the other side. A plan to visit the temple with his mom would invariably clash with a movie plan with his wife or it can be better explained when said that both plan to take SK at the same time.

Finally, he decided equality would be the best solution and got 2 saris of the same colour, design and of the same price and gave it to the both of them at the same time. This was the final trick left in his bag and prayed that it worked. During his prayers, he could hear his mother praying by his side “oh god, please give my son SK the brains to value people who have given him this life and not to treat such people in par with ones who have just joined his life”. He got frustrated and went to his bed and heard his wife telling him “I love you so much and that’s why stood against all odds and married you. Despite me doing that, you still got the same sari which you got your mother, shame on you SK”.

SK thought this was end of it all and went straight to his dad who had been silent throughout the story and has been so in the house and asked him: “Appa, how on earth can I solve this non sense, I am completely fed up with this. I have had a good work life balance, now the Wife-Life balance is dangling and have got all peace and happiness drained off.”

A highly noble man Ramakrishnan, who had the wisdom attached to his name, replied with ease and a lovely smile “waves of the sea, rising of the sun, colours of a rainbow and the battle of the laws are constant and the one who tries to change it gets to be called a fool. Nature can’t be changed, enjoy nature and life will be colourful”.

SK attained self realization and went all around the world preaching the same to enlighten people who were undergoing the same as what SK Underwent. SK’s story turned out to be a best Seller in the US market named “Krishnan who sold his Pattu Sari” written by Maya.S.Verma. Hope you get a glimpse of it.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum

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