Man of Words

Marriage of "you Guessed Who"

Marriage of “you Guessed Who”

He has been a friendship gift given to us by SP and KP whose company we cherish till this very moment and shall do the same forever. He gets ready for a new innings which is going to be the innings of his life with a gem who shall be called RP.

He has been one of the most caring people you could ever see and the affection he shows blinds many nuisances he creates to people around. Sky seems to be the limit for his affection for known and unknown people. He cares, shares and bears with all the people and prefers not hurting anyone on any issue.

He has never played a hero role like Super Star but he has proved himself to be a seasoned veteran in character role play in real life. He has been an unsystematic person all through his life but has been more than systematic in playing his role to all his dear ones.

He, the man “You Guessed Who” (This is not Harry Potter by any chance) has been one of the most dedicated sons I have ever seen. He can definitely be taken as a role model for many sons who don’t even have time for looking at their parents smile. As many say, it is definitely a boon to get such a son who carries his entire family on his shoulders and faces all trials and tribulations like a Spartan without getting his family affected. Pride would definitely run high for any parent who has got a son like him. These responsible attributes listed above does not stop him from behaving like a kindergarten kid as he still expects his parents or his younger sister to polish his shoes and take care of his clothing. His nephew who is just 4 years old does get ready on his own while the parents of our man are busy helping him get ready. SP and KP have definitely been made Proud Parents.

Recession has played its role by putting people off jobs, whereas the man “You Guessed Who” has been running an employment exchange by creating jobs for the deserving and the undeserving. He has been a saviour for many families and has improved their living drastically. He has been a great worker all his life and this has been one of the major reasons for his growth as a Centurion in such short span of life. A man can look rosy but can be thorny at times. This man is no different. He is the proud owner of the phrase “On the way” as he uses this term like the waves of the sea to all his clients and those poor souls have no other go than to believe. He still brings laurels and comes out successfully from all ventures. Hard work has no substitutes says a fool, Smart work is a better word says a man who has always been a Prolific Performer.

The man “You Guessed Who” has been an epitome of friendship and has many a times been a glue in maintaining certain relationships which would have been extinct if he had not been there. He is a terrific entertainer and silence would be a distant word when he is around. He gets too emotional and forgives them as he holds friendship more than his personal ego . This man, as our friends call is basically not a nice guy. He can make you believe certain things which are completely true only to him. He always tries to do things which are completely beyond his reach and would definitely boast as if he could do better than others. In these cases, we could only laugh as a reply. In a simple case of jogging, the man we speak about says he could always run 2 rounds more than the person who accompanies him. He purchases the costliest shoes possible in the market and jogs consistently for not more than 2 days. This is the case when it comes to cricket (bowling the fastest ball) ,swimming (maximum rounds in the pool) and getting ready (he says he could get ready 15 minutes before other guys in the group and ends up late every time).

He seldom listens and gives us an opportunity to talk when he talks with someone else. He stands to his points and proves it right by riding over with a higher voice. He has never been successful with me as I have a louder voice. In the group of friends he is definitely a guy with Perum Petchu.

He starts a new inning in his pretty simple life and we hope happiness is bestowed upon the lovely couple. He has been a Performer P……… , Punctual P………… and so on, but from now on he shall be the near and dear of a very fine one and hope she holds him as a Prized Possession.

This man is a package, cherish him as he is. It’s worth looking at the rose than spending time looking at the thorns. This package is worth visiting and you shall be forced to visit again and cherish his company. We all love you PP.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum

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11 thoughts on “Man of Words

  1. well said da. pp anna has more helping tendency.for eg, he teached me engineering mechanics even during his busy schedule. And he taught me like teaching to a l.k.g student. And he is going to get me job for 15000/- package per month.thanks in advance na:) 🙂 :)..

    He is a ‘Precious Person’ to be with.All the best for your next level of life na.Live Long.

  2. This is a nicely compiled article da.. very well done..!!

    and coming to PP anna.. ya.. he has his own way of doing things.. the most striking feature is his helping tendency.. as u said he has helped many families.!!

    Keep Going anna.!!

    Hope ur life is as bright as the morning sun..!! Enjoy!! 🙂

  3. The Article was too gud Keep it up.. … Couple of things you missed about PP is his Wit and Humour ..
    All the best machi for your new life… Ensoi…….

  4. This is an amazing post that has brought out the essence of our “Punctuality In Sigaram” – Pradeep. Cheers to you PP! Great going Kartik!

  5. This is essentially called mind-reading. I was thinking about such an article when you blew it up and bought a gem out of it.
    Being in close quarters for the past 15 years, I know each and every move he has taken in life to reach up to a state which nobody would have imagined 15 years back. The growth of personality he has shown is unbelievable. True that his post 10PM visits to my house will be less frequent from now on, i’ll relish the thought that he’s joined the community of married men in our group. He’s been my confidant always – i’ve never give a second thought to decide whether I could share anything with him. The way he’s mingled with my family is astonishing to the extent that few of them share secrets with him without my knowledge. That is the extent of friendship I have established with this person. As rightly mentioned in the post, never has he hurt anybody deliberately, never has he been reluctant to ask for forgiveness if he realises it, never has he refrained from expecting a lot out of his friends. Truly emotional in all means, he is one of the best friends anyone will love to have more than a lifetime.

  6. A nealty written post – PP does deserve this

    Been with this guy for almost 16 years now & knew him even before he came down to 6A , Though have never been close , indispensable friends as I (as well as pp) believe in something which every body could sustain. So we are and would continue to be friends

    He has always been somebody whom i could count upon at any point of crisis and he would be there to dole out practical workable solution to come out of it . His strength lies in networking and covering those contacts at times needed .

    Somebody who has been attached to home and parents and has shouldered domestic responsibilities at a very earlier stage and very innate at handling money matters , Shud I say i picked it from him

    We have had good time thru our formative years to our adolescence to the present phase of being family men .

    Cant make it more simpler ., I Had / Would cherished being in your company

    PP . , You continue to Rock

    • Natti, you want me to believe that you really picked up handling money matters from PP? Anyone wants to comment here?

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