A Shop – 30 meters away

I was no diffrent than the one in the picture

I was no different than the one in the picture

Saturday, May 16, 2009

12.30 pm

It was a pleasant afternoon and the mercury was soaring close to 40. Celsius and I was enjoying the weather in the hottest room of my house. I had no choice of rooms as the computer which I am addicted to, was placed in that room. The electricity bills and the heat in the city were directly correlated and in the attempt to reduce the power bills, it was decided not to use air conditioners during the day.

As I was trying to gun down the targets in the game I was playing on my computer, I heard a sound from nowhere like Maya. I pushed out the chair and hurried to look out from where the mysterious voice was reaching out to me and the search for it raised goose bumps as if I were on an Adventure Island. Finally, I could trace the direction and it came surprisingly from the kitchen where my mom stood calling me to go to the shop to purchase groceries for making nice hot Bajjis.

12.32 pm

Mission – Senthil Stores

I set my foot out of my house intending to go to the shop. I climbed down the stairs and reached the gate to see my mother in the first floor signaling me to bring the letters from the post box. She was not comfortable in me getting the letters, on my return from the shop as she was a bit too practical and inquisitive to read the credit card bills. The dry tee-shirt gets watered for the first time. Thanks to my mom.

12.33 pm

As I went down to the streets again, the heat was terrible to the extent that I could feel the rays passing through me and the roads were like molten iron with the tar easing. I wasn’t the only one feeling the heat that day, the dogs on the road also felt the same way. Some of them were lying under the cars, some under the trees and the king of all lying under the corporation tap, which sends down a drop of water coolant every half a minute. These dogs don’t even care for my presence as they just lift their brows to push down the beads of sweat and just give me a glance as if I were too less for them.

The shades on the road were prohibited for men as these dogs welcome all into the shade with growl and I was not treated any differently when I tried to encroach on the shade which was owned by the Fidel army of dogs. The fidelity they have for their owners was missing and they played their part in irritating me. Stones were good enough tools to drive them but I preferred moving on instead of pelting those poor ones which have no alternatives.

12.34 pm

After the struggle out of the maze of dogs, I ended up meeting a person who I dreaded to meet.  This person was always a part of my nightmare and I had never wanted to fall in his sight as a conversation with him for a sparing 2 minutes would let u bleed. Even a deaf person would prefer going away from him as he has the ability to blow even his already damaged drums, so just think about my plight. He came along with me till the shop talking about everyone in every family he knows for more than 3 minutes. He played his role to the best possible extent in adding insult to injury.

It was really tough going past the road guarded with dogs and such irritating men to finally reach the shop.

12.37 pm

As I started giving the shopkeeper the list of items, he tempted me to have a chocolate bar while he picked up the items. He did it with a business motive but it was definitely the most encouraging factor in going to the shop. I love chocolates and I did relish it to the fullest extent. I had forgotten all unpleasantness while having the bar but those unpleasant sticky and a burning sensation started erupting as the bar was falling shorter.

12.39 pm

I finished my purchase and got back home struggling the same way with the dogs but I managed to escape from the irritating man. When I got back home and sat down, I could feel myself watered like a garden. The walk to the shop which was just 30 meters away had caused such an irritation and the excitement to have lovely Bajjis was lost.

12.40 pm

I couldn’t stop myself from switching on the AC and finally sat down to continue the game which I had paused 10 minutes back. I could hear footsteps approaching me and found it to be my dad. He made me comfortable, put his hands on my shoulders, dust my tee-shirt, empathized with me saying that the heat was too bad outside and finally told me softly “Can u get me 2 packets of cigarettes from the shop?”

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum

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24 thoughts on “A Shop – 30 meters away

  1. I think I know who the ” IRRITATING MAN” you met ! ! !
    And did you have bajji? Man you should have asked your mom to prepare milkshakes for this climate!

  2. Nice one.. you could have added more comic elements to it.. and made it even more entertaining..

    Nevertheless it was a very good one to start with!! 🙂

    • hi man. I did try and wanted to add some more comical elements. Two things stopped me from adding those.1.The article would have become too long and i didn’t want to take away the precious time of people in reading my article. 2. It wouldn’t be realistic if i add some more comical elements in an article which is based at 10 mins time.
      Anyways shall try improving on it.As a reader you would expect certain things from the article. I will try and add it in the forthcoming articles.

  3. It happens in life. Only when you think its over, Its starts again. Specially with parents requesting for help :P. Any way a good one to start with 🙂

  4. The blog is good da.. The screenplay was good.. I think the things mentioned there are so practical. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DA.

  5. hey karthik…. nice one da …… but u shud know that this hot summer is better than the freeezzzzzzzing cold brrrrrrrrrr winters in J & K where u hardly find the sun …….. and i know spending time in this cold winter with 15 feet snow around you is soooooooooooo irritating ;-)………. and it also brought out the poet out in me ……… which i had written sitting in my one room with no one to talk to ;-( ………. i will send you that poem by mail ……….. so feel happy da ……… u r among with your loved ones all around you ……… which want your love and nothing else ,,,,,, and u also have your SUN god with you always watching you from high above 😉

    keep blogging ……….. idhuvum kadandhupogum

    cheers bala

  6. “If u r good at something never do it for FREE” – The Joker. 🙂 .
    keep up the good work …and think of some way to charge your Innumerable blog readers..

  7. heh kartik it was brilliant da 🙂 i was doing my assignment when i got ur mail and after reading this, i feel so relished 🙂 it was really good and reading the last sentence,i have been laughing for the past 10 mins cause dat was kinda unexpected 🙂 good one 🙂

  8. No words to explain.. Elaborating a 10 min event is tough and you did it so well. I can see a significant improvement in your wirteups.

  9. Congrats-the script grips one’s attention ,and you have graphically described the incidents enroute to the shop
    the anti-climax on conclusion is also in sync with the flow of the plot………………..


    the reader is not sure why the Mother’s tone is linked to a mysterious Maya-Jaal……….
    no reference to the blades of any creaking fans…………………..
    should not the hero wear flashy eye-shades for 40 * C ……maybe a rakish cap
    should the choc-bar have melted in the heat and teasingly dripped on the nape /t shrt……….

  10. Hey good one da….
    amazing flow of thoughts, coupled with good choice of words…
    keep it up !!!!
    write more…

    Spread the Smile around – It lasts for ever

  11. karthi, quite intrestingly written. enojable reading one…did u finally buy cigeratte for dad???
    good to know that u help ur beloved mom very scincerly bearing with al sorts of such troubles.


  12. climax is predictable to me da. but still i really enjoyed my 180 seconds by reading this article.good work.keep it up.my blog is coming soon,so try to improve yourself to withstand my standards.:) 🙂 🙂

  13. Hey good one.. I could relate to this article so well… the best part abt ur write ups is that u catch the readers attention till the end. thats the best part.. And as usual the way u describe everything situation, its simply amazing… enjoy writing:)

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