Open Air Bedroom (Part 2/2)

Don't you think its dark enough to frighten you

Don’t you think its dark enough to frighten you

How long can I expect you all to stay awake and I am sorry for delaying the sequel due to health issues.(Evvalavu neram thaan thoongaama irukkardhu. Thirupiyum Kashtam thaan. Ella vaatiyum naan thaan maatikkren.Enna Panna.)
All the male members of the family were on the terrace including my cousins from Bangalore, Ajay and Narayanan. We all had our beds on one hand and a pillow on the other. Lungi was the best suited attire during power cuts as it’s breezy within and the breeze on the terrace was strong enough to push us away and Ajay’s Lungi wasn’t an exception to it. Ajay was crying out to have a third hand to hold on to his lungi which was loosening from his hip. Avoiding the embarrassment was the most important thing at that time. He had already removed his shirt to combat the heat inside the house and if the lungi hadn’t been fastened to his hip, we would have witnessed a complete striptease and none among us were a supporter for removal of article 377 of the Indian Constitution.
We got the bed ready with sheets spread and went to bed as it was almost 12.00 am .Appa and Ajay had a very long day shopping and were asleep immediately. Both Narayanan and myself tried not to entertain the thought of ghosts and spirits roaming around at that time but the thought was trying to glue on to our minds and slightly disturb us. The dogs on the road started howling and every time it howled, the bed sheet was tucked in tighter and tighter covering each one’s head. The howl was accompanied by a RRRRRRRRRR………… sound like that of a tractor but the movement of the vehicle on the road was not felt. An uneasy feeling was getting hold of us and weren’t in a position to sleep. I just put my hand on my father and it was surprising that the RRRRRRRRRR……………… sound was gone. That’s when I could understand that it was not a tractor but it was my father who was snoring. The snoring stopped temporarily and the clever use this time to doze off to sleep but we weren’t of that kind. Finally, Narayanan and myself decide that we have to go through with this the whole night. Other two weren’t a bit bothered about our plight as they were sleeping tight.
I slowly dropped the bed sheet covering my eye to look whether anyone was around. I was surprised to look at a shadow moving every time I spoke to Narayanan. We both were not cowards but were a lot short of bravery. We took 2 pipes which were lying near us and went in 2 directions to look at the moving shadow. We converged to a point where we could see each other on either side of the door with none in between but there were 3 shadows. The Owner of the 3rd shadow was missing and the uneasy feeling started dredging my stomach. Was it a spirit which was roaming around our house or was it anything else. Nothing could stop our lips from praying and sanity returned only when we could surmise that it was the tree in the next house which was the owner of the 3rd blackie on the floor.
Finally, everything uneasy was buried and we were getting ready to go to sleep. Someone was getting irritated as due importance was not given to her after we came to the terrace. The queen summoned a few battalions to patrol the ear area with a buzz and attack the idle parts of the body. The trouble we both faced was ridiculous and we battled the mosquitoes with all our might to find a peaceful sleep (Narayana Indha kosu thollai thaanga mudiyala da).
Every obstacle to sleep was external and nothing internal had disturbed us till then. Anyways the call of nature was something which could have been avoided if Narayanan had not drunk a litre of water before coming up. Anyways the fear of going down alone and the policy of not using the neem tree by the side as an open toilet (as most Indian men do during emergency) forced him to control everything till my mom came up with a good news at 2.00 am that power has come and we could come down.
Appa and Ajay were sleeping and we preferred moving into the house leaving them back on the terrace. It was the end of an horrifying experience at the Open air bedroom. The feel of a sound sleep in an Air conditioned room with no unnecessary shadows and a powerful mosquito repellant aroused a great sense of excitement but Narayanan was in great tension and could feel the same way like me only when he attended the nature’s call.
We got our beds ready in front of the Air conditioner, adjusted the vent towards us and when we finally closed our eyes to experience something which we have been yearning for the past 4 hours, we heard a loud thunder-like sound and we ran to the balcony to have a look at what it was. Once we saw the event, both Narayanan and myself looked at each other as if we had lost everything in life. We were completely dejected and shattered. We forced ourselves down on the chairs in the balcony till the next morning when appa came down from the terrace after a lovely sleep and asked us “ Enna Pasangala Seekiram Endhiritchuteenga pola irukku? (Hey kids, why did u wake up so early)? And a chorus answer came out from both of us “Transformer Burst and power cut”.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum

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18 thoughts on “Open Air Bedroom (Part 2/2)

  1. Superb da karthik…. enna karpanai????? Lucky, i was not there at that time…. otherwise i would have asked you to drop me at my house (as usual)……………………..after all this incident…..

  2. Again a nice one… good imaginative thoughts.. but only one thing was not factual in this article.. and that is…

    “””none among us were a supporter for removal of article 377 of the Indian Constitution.””””

    idha eppidi naan nambardhu.!! kaaaathya….

  3. hi kartik,

    a nice piece of work and imagination.(thirushaman pannina arukkum theriyadhu).
    check up ur mom how we used to enjoy open air sleeping when we were ahmedabad during summer.
    at chennai also me,ammu and meena(on vacation)used to sleep on the terrace feeling the cold breeze from marina beach.this had happened during mid 70s.
    idhakku apparamum kadthanam.

    luv and all the best

  4. Hey cool karthik….that was a bigtym entertainer…..nice effort (though i cudn’t understand a word from wat u hav written in kannada….i guess…..?)

  5. Your article has reminded us of child hood memories of sleeping in open air when we were in ahmedabad. -But it was during the summer -and not be a power cut situation. We miss such experience sin chennai as all feel that it is not safe in chennai . But now even we go to ahmedabad and baroda we cannot experience the same as ACs have spoilt the show.

    happy to know that you have a good flair for writing . Keep it up


  6. Hey Karthik. Awesome piece of work. I could actually feel that i am in that scene.. and u’ve got a great sense of humour. and wat this? is this real or its ur imagination. watever it is, its was amazing. Great going 🙂

  7. Cool…
    Unfortunately, I realise that you have never had the opportunity of sleeping in a real open-air bedroom.
    Its not that bad if you’re used to it. A loose pajama would do instead of a lungi, you can lie all night long enjoying the breeze(definitely better than air-conditioning, natural air’s always better), looking at the stars, n just chatting with the family.
    Of course, this require the entire neighbourhood to be on their terrace, so that noone’s scared, n that’s possible only in a small town/city.
    Still, I loved the end of the transformer burst.

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