Yamaaya Namaha (Part 1/2)

Doesn’t this title sound strange???? It will continue to be so, until you complete the post.

Yama, the lord of death most the Hindus claim to be is not the one I am talking about. He is neither Voldermort of Harry Potter fame, who goes on a killing spree to live an immortal life nor is he Koundmani who plays the character of Yama in the movie lucky man.

He is the one who has the license to kill and gets away without being penalized by the court or pays a fine of Rs.1000 per kill. He always reserves a column in all the newspapers for his killings. One trip a day, keeps at least one man away. He simply kills anyone who crosses his path unnecessarily as he feels killing is much easier than other ways in which the kill could have been avoided.

Who is he? Is he so important that we are ignoring his killings by just giving him slight penalties? He is an integral part of the water distribution community and he is the one who carries water to most of the places where water has become a rare commodity. My set of arguments above might have been a long drawn exaggeration but I feel; only such exaggeration can make us think better.

How long can we go on like this?

Drought in one part of the country and floods in the other, Industrialization in one part and none in the other, but population pressure is something our people try to compete and balance with all other parts of the country.

We go on a rampage by clearing forests and drilling the earth to suck the maximum out of it and leave nothing to others. We disturb the water table and enjoy water whereas our brothers in other parts suffer because of us. So many lives have been lost improper distribution of water. We will reach a day when water would become more expensive than petrol and will become a part of ration shop’s distribution list along with rice and sugar.

Once we start giving respect to quality of our life and the life to come, we will start changing ourselves and our surroundings to keep the world green. If we take care of Mother Nature, we needn’t depend upon such carriers and give them undue importance as nature would give us back double of what we give her.

Am I wrong in calling the carrier as Yama? I don’t think so. These carriers have killed many and this may not be news to people in Chennai.

Why should people salute him by saying Yamaaya Namaha?

Let’s shift our focus to Kuppamedukuppam to know why they salute him.

Kuppamedukuppam is an historical place surrounded by leather industries that have bore wells dug up to 300 feet, plastic dumping yards, barren lands, and the most important feature of this place is the river Paavam, which stands second to Cooum for the stink it generates and waste it carries. Trees have been replaced with all industries and people of this place treat trees next to dinosaurs in the extinction list.

Sunnambu Kalva

Sunnambu Kalva stands tall at the heart of Kuppamedukuppam. Sunnambu Kalva is a monument built in memory of Mr.Karisanai Sedhuraman (also known as K.Sedhu by crazy Mohan). Mr. Sedhu claimed himself to be the leader of madras wing of the Sepoy Mutiny led by Mangal Pandey in Meirut in 1857. He was a bit different in his claim as he felt that most of the senior citizens claim that they are a part of freedom struggle.

Everything said and done, Mr.sedhu was born in 1935 and Sepoy Mutiny was never known in Madras. So everything about Sunnambu Kalva was just a piece of imagination, as nothing better can this place represent other than the housing board apartments built when there was peace in Afghanistan. They are two storey buildings painted with white Sunnambu a few decades earlier and stands now sans Sunnambu like a tawa which has been kept on fire for a long time in high flame covered with carbon soot.

Gaja Gajaa Bajaar formerly known as Gilma market in Kuppamedukuppam stands next to Sunnambu Kalva and is always overflowing with people and that might have been the reason for the change in name too. The word overflow has always been related with people and never with water. Flow of water was last seen in 1882 which was long before India witnessed the complete solar eclipse just prior to one witnessed in 2009. This market gives you everything at the right price from fresh fishes from the river bed to Jim bajak Gilmas (call girls) to the lodging beds but water cans are sold in black. When summer was at its peak, black market rate of water even exceeded the rate for one night with a kuppamedu’s Chameli(unacceptable, but need to). This place was like Grant road for Mumbai, but police have done a great job in giving this market a saintly look by camouflaging most of the Chamelis with their professional brains.

The wide roads laid as per the city development plan have been used to set up bigger shops on the road for a rent of Rs.15 per day which was Rs.5 more than what the police collected when the roads were small. The market was also controlled by two goons Udaya and Surya (not Teja or Gemini) on the illegal side and they were also paid as per their fee structure. Sometimes water cans have also been a part of the fee structure of both the groups, legal and illegal.

Sunnambu Kalva is the only residential complex among all commercial enterprises in the locality and the people in that area are very hospitable, descent, calm and united in all respects, including unhygienic practices which are forced due to lack of water.

People here; lose all the attributes I have mentioned above, all commercial enterprises take a back seat and the whole population looks for only one thing on every Wednesday.

What are they looking for?

(Meet You at Kuppamedukuppam on Wednesday………………)

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


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17 thoughts on “Yamaaya Namaha (Part 1/2)

  1. Again a good post from you. nice imagination and nice names used in between.”camouflaging” laam konjam over da. you use such complicated words just because i must not understand 😛 :P.

    Anyways good work from you.please write the second part with the same flow and dont write it for namesake.

    Try posting blogs only on weekends,as i will be busy on weekdays…:P 😛 :P..

    keep writing.All the Best for the part 2.

  2. Apartments built when there was peace in Afghanistan. That was a nice piece of imagination!
    Nice pen name though!

  3. Good one da…nice flow to the article….though I am yet to understand where you are trying to lead the readers I feel it will be answered in Part 2
    All the best….

  4. Nice that you’ve started posting about social issues… Waiting for Part 2!

    P.S.: Harry Potter padikka aarambicha odane Voldermort-a ellam blogla izhukkare… Kalakkare po!

  5. Dai Enna da sollavara? Eppadiyo start panni eppadi yo mudhichirruka? Will wait till the second part and write my full comments. All the best.

  6. Idhuvum kadandhupoghum?? Hmm.. Wonder what that mite be.

    Interesting write up, but quite ambiguous.. Will wait like others for the next…

    [Are u a socio-environmentalist??]

    Good job


  7. Again da. Started somewhere promised much and went somewhere like a lot of recent tamil cinema script.

    You are good at simple style english. Who said you cannot be a great writer without using bamboozling words(I also know a word or too).

    Remember Harry Potter English never left 5th Standard Level.

    Awaiting Second Part,

    By Simple English Speaking

    Note: Don’t take Other Bloggers(read as Guru) for Inspiration

  8. only (such)exaggeration can make us think better….i agree with this line so much….there are so many things i got it straight into me…and it wasnt difficult to understand at all..i loved the posted..i would have loved it more had it been shorter…(sorry..my praises always follow with some criticism..hope you dint mind…LOL)…there are several things i dint understand like some complicated malyalam names..et cetera..but never mind i get the point…i learn from the comments that these ppl are malayali too…so i am feeling left out..LOL..i agree that you have a good imagination..ill return to catch up few more of your posts(older perhaps..)

  9. Nice way to start this article da..

    You have given the brief introduction of who Yama is.. and why we need him… Then u have also given the reason for Yama’s rising atrocity… (its because we are r****ing nature.. )

    Then the introduction of the kuppam.. u have elaborated a touch more than required about it.. but its ok…
    The idea of presenting this article in this way is really really nice..!! GREAT GOING..!!

    I advise all the readers to read the entire article again after the second part is posted.. then only u will get to know what he meant in the 1st part…

    Since i already know the suspense.. i got to understand the 1st part fully..!! 🙂 😀

    Anyway.. the writing has been great..!! keep it going.!!

    ROCK ON.. 🙂

  10. If the theme is to create global awareness on water conservation, then it is not justified – atleast in this part. If it is something else, then let me know what it is.
    However, the thought of spreading awareness on water conservation is to be highly appreciated as that is truly one of the critical environmental issues every individual should contribute resolving it.
    Will need to wait for 2nd part to recomment.

  11. I did not know that you can write so well man! Keep up the great work… Wild imagination btw.. lol
    But i got thoroughly confused regarding the theme man… A bit more clarity, might i suggest!
    But anyway, u rock 🙂
    Eagerly awaiting part 2 😉

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