Yamaaya Namaha (Part 2/2)

“Thanniya Saetthaa thirusangu

Thalli Vittaa un sangu”

The poet Water Vetrivel has critically expressed the importance of conservation of water(Thanniya Saetthaa) in making our place, a paradise(Thirusangu) or a grave (un Sangu).

Let’s move on to Kuppamedukuppam to have a feel of what is called the Wednesday.

Water has become very precious and common over the years in the names of people of this area and not in its true form. Most of them take it as a pride to name their kids with precious items in the like of Vayiramuthu(Diamond Pearl), Rathna Manickam(Gem Gem), Thangaraj( golden King), Thanni Kai Arasu (Water king) and so on.

(02.30 am, January 1st XX06,Chakrapani’s(Wheel water) Residence,F-12, Sunnambu Kalva)

It’s been six long years; people of Kuppamedukuppam have waited to experience this feeling and everyone here hopes that they would get to feel something which has become a rarity in their life.

Alarm Struck once and all the members of the family freshened up in a few minutes using a mug of water and retained half the mug for the next day. The whole house was in a state of rush and was looking as if they were going for a battle. Each one in their family had an item in the shape of an hemisphere with an open cone on top and referred it as a ‘Kodam’. They all hurried to the battleground, the area in front of the unclean Sintex tank. To their surprise, they were greeted with 50 kodams in front of them in the queue and 10 of it were accompanied by their owners who were lying down from the previous night. One among those had even gone to the extent of getting his rope cot to have an undisturbed sleep on the road till the morning. Some had kept their kodam and gone back home to sleep thinking their presence in the form of initials on the kodam was sufficient. Most of the shop owners being the residents of Sunnambu Kalva were among the people in the queue and none open their shops during Wednesdays as water displaces all other motives to the back seat.

People lose respect, dignity and the goodwill they have earned over the weak by fighting for an earlier spot in the queue saying that he was present personally and the others have just kept the kodams and gone to rest. Swearing at each other starts early. Gender bias was completely alien and everyone had the right to hit out at anyone in the area. Some kids even had a training session on how to tackle different age groups and some practiced with their peers. Something which people assure is that they don’t create a parliamentary set up as they maintain some decorum even in nasty dealings.

(The battle goes on till the morning and people have a ride swearing at each other with all words found in the local dictionary.)

6.30am,Battleground Sunnambu Kalva,

People stopped fighting and witnessed something strange on the market road. The motorists paused their ride, auto drivers controlled their urgency, shops on the road shifted back, Pedestrians on the pavement stuck on to the wall as if their life was at stake. None of them on the road had the guarantee for life until he passed them as he has the capability to kill anyone in anyway.


I am not talking about the Share Autos having cycle brakes, nor the Delhi Blue liner which travels on the footpath than on expressways but it’s the metro water lorry which does all atrocities one can and cannot imagine. Metro water Lorries have 694 cases registered in the last decade for killing many motorists, hookers, pedestrians and some people on the pavement too. Nothing has changed and they continue to rule the roads and the people at Kuppamedukuppam. These lorries let out half the tank cleaning the roads and bathing the motorists during their travel and give the remaining to the people of Kuppamedukuppam at double rate. He supplies what the people yearn for, and these poor souls have nothing to lose and all to gain if they salute these drivers, so as to get an extra pot. The people here have justified my title.

Even people who visit Tirupathi get satisfied faster than the people here, as they want more and more of it, not considering the people waiting behind .There was a huge commotion while filling the pots and some of them even tried filling their second pot before others could see. The 192nd person in the queue named Hamsavalli was the unluckiest of the lot as she did not get water. She said with grief that; she taking bath on a new year would be like Kumbha Mela, which happens once in 12 years. The last new year which fell on a Wednesday was 6 years back and she had to wait another 6 years to get a chance to bathe on a new year as Wednesday is the only day of the week they get water.

It was humorous to think about Hamsavalli but there is lot more we need to think about seriously. New Year should be celebrated every year and not once in six years like many other periodic festivals. Bathing can’t be an event to wait for and Hamsavalli is not a person to be duplicated again in the future.

This place Kuppamedukuppam is a part of my imagination and every event mentioned about the place is a myth but the issues and the data about lorries are true. Their atrocities are rising and we people are surrendering ourselves to them. We should conserve water and treat it precious when it’s available so that these Yamas calm their heads. This place would become a reality if we go ahead like selfish ass***es not caring about the life ahead.

I pray that this imagination doesn’t come true.

Save Water and save mankind.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


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21 thoughts on “Yamaaya Namaha (Part 2/2)

  1. This post is very thoughtful and coming from YOU – this has taken me by surprise completely!!! Good writing… Enviable Flow… – It takes quite some talent to express your thoughts and imaginations in writing. And you’ve done a commendable job!!!

    Anyways… I’ll be one of the happiest people around, if you switch off the motor (when tank overflows – thereby conserving water) and unused fans and lights and computer (which again is a global issue).

    Way to go!!! Keep up the love n flair for writing!!!

  2. 2nd part justtified all the confusion I had.. I feared in some sense after reading the first part if this would lead to nowhere but the way the story has been brought back and controlled is excellent. The flow of words makes me visualise the entire scenario which itself is a success of a writer. Continuity of the situation was justified throughout the 2nd part. Nice going…….. and as said earlier, a good topic to choose and a tremendous way of expressing it.

    Lets save water – its more precious than you think.

  3. Shabba, i thought the Part II might lead the topic somewhere else, good thing you kept the flow…
    Hey, try cutting down the size still da…

    Good topic… Good choice of words
    Keep Up

  4. I really like the topic you talked about! I love how smooth the flow was, and how you started off with a poem! I also love the ending! Here, in US, we use water so lavishly and for unnecessary things, and we take it for granted, but this article made me realize how even the basic things that we take for granted could be a huge problem for others. But I am very glad to see in the end that it’s your imagination! i, too, pray that it doesn’t come true! Let us save water!

  5. Good one. If the monsoon does not come soon then this will become a reality not only in your imagined area but every part of Chennai. Water is available for supply to chennaiites till Nov2009.

  6. Good, back to simple English. Far better than Part I. After reading this part, i hope there should have been a part 3. If this is how you are continuing to write, you will get more eyeballs.

    Good way to go!


  7. One more thing, get your facts(read as History) right before you distort them.

    Thrisangu is a heaven(you got that part right). But, it is not the Heaven which people would want to go. Thrisangu Heaven was created by Saint Vishwamithra above the earth and below the actual heaven, by losing all his powers for a King, who never lived there

    To cut it short, It means you are confused. You are neither here, nor there.

    Hope you use these words carefully.

    FN: Flow was great. Stick to it.

  8. Tracks Bro! Uber cool… The thought flow is good and a simple and well justified finish….

    I’ll strive my best to Save Water, after all it IS the Elixir of Life!

  9. Excellent work karthik. It is commendable on your part that there are still some that take interest in issues that others seem to push away into oblivion. Maybe you can persuade many to save earth as well like you did so beautifully with your water conservation article. I must say, you have a god given talent!

  10. Though your article was an imagination, we have already experienced such a situation in chennai about 12 years back. Running after the tankers to get water is so painful. What to do. Yes let all of us save water. And I feel that we should start at our house itself.

    Never knew you have such a talent for writing articles. Good keep it up


  11. its nice da..thought provoking one……hope your imagination does not materialize in the real world…u should continue writing on topics like this..and nice poem

  12. This was like watchin a Shankar movie da…!!

    Of course the glitz and glamour were missing..!!! but thats ok..!!

    u have written this article with a perfect mindset.. thats the strength of it..!! and definitely as Vishak said.. this is thought provoking..!!

    But i was in splits after reading Mahiema akka’s comments..
    “Ooorukku oru nyayam unakku oru nyayam ah? “”

    I am really sorry for the late comment.. !! thats because i was the 1st reader…!!

    Anyway.. the writing is improving leaps and bounds.. Enjoy..!!

    ROCK ON..!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Well..nice post…nice flow of thoughts. only a small suggestion. it would be better if u cud proof read once u finish writing ur blog. There are very few and small grammatical errors.

    About the concept of “decorum in a parliamentary set up”, i think it has become an historic scene in the current scenario. A typical scene in parliamentary has now become something very similar to the scene at “Kuppamedukuppam”

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