Love lost at first sight

I have never had the privilege of using the status ‘Committed’ in Facebook, Orkut or even in reality. I had never fallen in love as I had my own way of choosing the right one for spending my lovely life. I decided internally that I would fall in love, only with a woman who at first sight turns me on, makes me forget myself, and rejuvenates my sleeping mind. I also felt that a bulb would glow brightly over my head like an ‘AAHAA’ factor as said in the movie ‘Mozhi’ when I meet Ms.Perfect. I was completely depressed about not getting the right girl and even felt that I would end up with a status ‘Retired man- Single and looking’. My life was uneventful and I went on with my daily schedule from home to work and vice versa.

(Few days Later…………)

I was just leaving office at 9.30pm after a long tiring day at work and that’s when my friend Shhylesh told me that he had fallen in love with the girl he had been crazy about for a very long time. I congratulated him with the whole of my heart and thought for a moment that ‘even a dumb fellow like him could get a girl of his choice’ and why not me.

I was completely tired after the day’s work and riding back home in the traffic at night was a curse. The whole mind and body were pleading for rest as they had been tested with extreme conditions on that day. The roads leading to my house are the busiest in the city and the volume of traffic on that road never eased at any time of the day. The signals on these roads take a long time to clear and I was racing my bike to avoid as many signals as possible. I stopped my bike with a thud, when the car in front of me stopped abiding the traffic rules. I tried escaping, but was forced to stop at the signal which was one of the longest periodical traffic clearance systems taking 5 minutes for each direction.

I turned my bike off and was just looking around like everyone else on the road. My tired eyes started scanning something, tiredness perished mentally and physically, something turned me on and I was almost on the night flight trip to Venus. I could see a bright bulb glowing above my head when I saw a blue wave passing me, near the signal and moving towards the bus stop.
Red, Red, Red

I got convinced that she was my girl and was looking at her with my heart’s content. She was wearing a Peacock blue synthetic sari and was as fresh as a flower with her silky hair flowing like waves on the sculptured back of hers. The chain and the ear rings with black gems and the lovely pencil heal which she wore to protect her doll like legs made her look gorgeous and seductive too. Overall, she was perfect in every way and every asset of hers (I meant her smile and her dimple) drew my attention towards her.

She was getting me mad and I felt that was the shortest time in which one could fall for a woman. I forced myself not to wink as I preferred to use every second looking at her. After a few minutes of telepathic transmissions from my side, she looked at me with her penetrating eyes decorated with kaajal and I was turned on for the first time in my life.

The time was running much faster than it normally did. I had only 5 minutes left on the signal and she understood that I was not going to take my eyes off her. It could have been normal for such beautiful women to be looked at, by guys like me standing at the signal. She did look at me with some kind of reciprocation and I thought that I might have triggered a glowing bulb over her head for the same reason it glowed over my head when I saw her. Both our eyes were fixed at each other and the signal got cleared.

I was in a dilemma on how to proceed with such a situation. A battle of thoughts was going on in my mind as I crossed the signal slowly looking at each other. I thought that this was something which I have been waiting for a very long time and decided not to let an opportunity go to the drains. After a lot of thought, I stopped my bike at the far end of the bus stop not intending to take the risk of telling her directly about how I felt about her. I just convinced myself saying that she would come looking for me if she felt the same and was looking at her from the rear view mirror.

She looked on both the sides and started walking towards me. “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” and I was looking at her from the mirror. She was closing down near me and was standing close to my left, giving me the shock of my life. She waited for all people to disperse and looked at me with the same seductive eyes and the killing smile. I was looking at her with a lot of expectation and that’s when her sweet voice whispered “Saw you looking at me. Interested… Rs.2000 per night”.

I got shocked at such a question and I sped away from her without talking a word to her. I was unfortunate not to get the right girl . I laughed at myself for not giving importance for the bulb which glowed over my head when I saw her.

It was a red light……… and there she was from.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum

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45 thoughts on “Love lost at first sight

  1. Hey, Great work da! Best of the lot! Loved the narration and the twist and turns you give for your works are mind boggling!!! The irony of the red light was exceptional! Keep up the good work!!
    I would love to read more of your works!!

  2. y do everyone say unexpected climax????? cant u see the picture and identify???

    ok anyways…. i knew what he gonna say at the end in the beginning itself 🙂 🙂

    but i really loved “It was a red light……… and there she was from.” this line….

    dai nice post again and again da.. great narration..liked it da..keep it up… i expected ur pani poori post….anyway try to post that next da…title seems different and interesting…

  3. Dai.. good one da.. but i think these twist in the tale is getting tooo repetitive.. of course thats ur touch.. but still..

    From next post change that…

    nevertheless this was super..!! i enjoyed it thoroughly..!!

    ROCK ON… .:) 🙂 🙂

  4. Dei super da,May be the second sight will have give back ur lost life. Better give chance to another signal.Who knows ! Probably it would be green bulb also

  5. Dai,

    Chumma reel vidada da.. I know tat this is sn original incident .

    But the only difference is that it was not as u have potrayed in ur blog ” a beautiful damsel”

    ” ur allu in the blog is a ulaga azhagi, but nee parta allu oh ullur kizhavi”

  6. Hey… This was amazing.. Wat a twist in the story!!! i liked the part when the guy happens to see the gal. amazing flow of thought in that para… Had a good laugh over this line “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” 🙂 perfect timing… Overall i really liked it..Great going Karthik..All the best 🙂

  7. Not that good. Just because you have got a great climax does not give you the license to kill from the beginning.
    1. You can’t take names and insult a him as dumb fellow. (May be, he is an imaginative character, Still bad.). Do you think you are better than him?. What sort of comparison was that?
    2. Love never comes at first sight, what you could have felt is pure unadulterated LUST. It takes time in finding one. Don’t go gaga over at first sight. Seen too many times

    By the way, when did you leave office at 9:30 pm?

    Very good ending, the one liner was awesome. Do write more one liners


  8. Good one da.. I thought it would go like the way how a girl used to disturb our mind for a sec and we would hav no other go than moving away with our work.. but its a nice twist..

    but as murali said,

    try to make up some feel good story.. u start it that way but end it in ur way..

  9. nice da but i didnt expect this type of an ending, not a good climax da.The starting was good da, but u didnt continue at the end

  10. Ha ha !! At first i thought you were about to discuss abt Pooja da…
    Thank your lucky stars tat you lost just the love at fist sight and not your bulb itself.

    @ Shiva : Dont blame first sight doesnt work. you see love in a way and others see it other way.

    A Great post overall. May your bulb glow brightly but rightly in the future,,,,,

    – Ultimate Underdog

  11. Ha ha ha……….!!!!

    Good writing….”Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” – Was so dumbstruck at that line.

    Great portrayal. – In case u give me the opportunity to look for a girl for you, will keep this description in mind – Not the red light tho’ 🙂

  12. Absolute classic. I never realised this could be another twist in the tale. From what I perceive, you are becoming a master of “twist in the tale” stories – do continue to squeeze your imagination to publish something like this more and more. This one was much better presented than the previous one. Keep going…

  13. good one.. reallly.. wat struck me most s d way u went on to describe her n the way u felt about her,, gr8 job,, but last line s like th best!! keep it up.. unexpected climax s becomin ur style eh?? 😉

  14. Shocking ending, the light was a hint though…..

    Wonder what would’ve happened had he stayed, or came back the next day to the same signal…..

    You could continue this story to a proper ending(this one’s good, but I like happy endings better).

    Good work nevertheless. Writing style needs a little innovation except the end-shock.

  15. Good job! i loved it! I love how you described her! and like everyone else said, good narration and unexpected ending! Love the last line, it was good closure! 🙂

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