Bapu- were you intelligent???





Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,


Dear Bapu,

Sorry Bapu for placing you at hell and referring you with such an unpleasant nick name. I know half the nation would have started looking for me after the disrespect I have shown to you. But I know that you would be patient as you had never reacted to such petty issues. You have been, you are and you shall be revered as the father of the nation but only a few including you and me know that you were a father of four pillars which crumbled without a puff of dust being displaced. All your sons were Gandhis but none of those Gandhis ruled the roost. Your generosity had no limits as your surname survived, survives and shall continue to do so in the modern political world whereas the historians are still searching for your descendants.

This was the moment which created a lot of anguish in me and made me call you an intelligent fool. You were intelligent in saving our mother from the British brothels but you were a fool in handing over our loving mother to the pimps of contemporary politics.

I feel really proud that you were instrumental in the upliftment of the outcaste and giving them the title of ‘Harijans’ but don’t hang me if I call you a dismal politician. The first thing on your agenda should have been to have a media channel in your name to telecast, all through the day, the lunch you had in a Dalits’s house portraying your interest on their welfare . Something which should have been constantly maintained by you was that you hated publicity and you didn’t know how your secret schedule got leaked to the media. This would have definitely ensured a great vote bank. For a long time, I felt Zee TV was your benami holding as most North Indians pronounced it as Gee TV. I shall take the blame partially but the major blame shall be on the general nomenclature system followed. (i.e.) is to have the first letter of the politician as the name of the channel (A, B, C, V, J, K and so on).

Your political career has not only brought about a loss for you and your family but also for your fellow men at Porbandar. If you had been like any of the present day politicians, you could have made Porbandar the capital of Gujarat and if you had tried harder, it could have even been named as the capital of India. You could have also brought about a few railway stations connecting few of the airports and sea ports in Porbandar. You missed out cheaply on playing the right cards at the right time. Sometimes, I felt whether you ever knew to hold those cards. I feel pity for the people of Porbandar as Information Technology is still a distant entity and if you had just moved your coins to the correct squares, the IT corridor would have proudly stood at Porbandar making it the It hub of India. If you had been like one among the current politicians, you wouldn’t have let Gujarat be a liquor free state and would have fought to make Gujarati a Classical Language (Semmozhi in Tamil).

You were a leader of the Indian national Congress but for no use as I have never heard buses being burnt. I am completely innocent about politics without destruction of public property. I am amazed that you never knew all these things.

I completely blame you for starting the Non-Cooperation Movement as this has been religiously followed by the opposition in the parliament till date. The purpose for which it was started by you has been forgotten but the concept is very strongly embedded, “Non-Cooperation”. The ‘Quit India Movement’ which raised eye brows all over the country during the time you started receives a lot of eye balls in the form of media coverage as the principle is still being followed with a slight alteration, that the word ‘India’ is being substituted with the state concerned. Politicians today have forgotten where they belong to.

I have been criticizing you all through, but I still feel a great sense of regret in not seeing any of your sons in the cabinet. I personally feel, you lost the golden egg yielding machine when you walked out of the Indian national Congress and never thought of starting a new party competing the INC.

Something which was common between you and the present day politicians was that both of you have been arrested for so many cases, you for civil and they for criminal. If you had had a few criminal cases under your belt, the ticket for contesting in the elections would have been a cake walk for you. Bapu, weren’t you a fool in following the good for nothing philosophy of ahimsa and giving us that rotten philosophy. Your philosophy made us lose a lot of blood, flesh and precious lives of fellow men. In return ahimsa gave us our land back and gave us something more too in addition, your assassination. If you had been an intelligent criminal, it would have been Nathuram calling ‘Hey ram’ and not you.

One last thing, If you had not struggled, The British would have controlled the delicate womb of our mother and deflowered her in front of the world. We would have had roads reflecting our faces, skyscrapers blotting the skies and emotions blotting our hearts but what you have left us, is an air free to breathe, a great culture to follow and a beautiful life to live.

Be proud Bapu for being revered as the Father of the Nation instead of being spat at, as a father of a few and a husband for many.

Love you Bapu

Ram Ram

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum



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40 thoughts on “Bapu- were you intelligent???

  1. This wasn’t as interesting as the earlier articles and I assume that others will also be of the same opinion. I cannot comment on this article being good or bad as this political topic is not my cup of tea.

    • This is an article which slightly deals with the current scenario of Indian politics and gandhiji’s involvement in fighting for independence leaving his personal profits which he could have made.

      Have provided links regarding the scenarios i have mentioned. Some are pretty evident too. Didn’t want to name people here as i wanted myself alive for the next blog.

      Every line of mine has a political person related to it. So didn’t want an all round attack


  2. Hey..yeah kind of patriotic and political stuff i like the idea its good,but i have a feeling that the title is not justified properly…this is just my opinion

    • Thanks a lot Aparna. I just tried bringing out his intelligence in getting the country back and giving to pathetic politicians and comparing him with the present day politicians.Was just giving details of how he could have lived but he didn’t. That’s why I just thought the title would be apt.

      I shall try and improve my skills on what you have said. Thanks for reading

  3. First of all..Let me appreciate your thoughts and CONCEPT(lol)…I personally feel that you should use more simple words…This articles needs bit of concentration to get the point. Try some free lancing things i.e which does not require much attention to catch the point.

    Good one ya..Come out with few more…

    • Thanks a lot Iswarya. I have been writing bits and piece stuff till now. Thought I should take a leap in providing some quality. This might not have been up to the mark but its just a difference i am trying to create and break the monotony.

      Hoping for your good wishes. Thanks for reading

  4. Buddy! close to a contemporary masterpiece. Intense from the start. Enjoyed every line.
    “Father of the nation Vs father of a few and husband for many” was a nail placed perfectly… Cool blog. your best yet.
    cheers da….

    • Hey thanks man,

      I sometimes get disappointed when my writing don’t convey emotions what i feel. That is mainly because of my poor language skills.

      I felt pretty good while writing this article and when it comes to the readers, they don’t perceive it the way i wrote because of poor communication. I am happy you could appreciate it.

      Thanks for your wishes man. your encouragement keeps me going


  5. Nice article. Puts forward the frustrations of the middle class (and lower) Indian. Seriously, the politicians should try getting a life! Very well written.

    Keep Blogging!

    P.S: I agree with Aparna regarding the title. Gandhiji cannot be blamed for not foreseeing such a situation. IMO, he tried his best to set things straight when he was alive.

    • Hey thanks Naveen.

      I have blamed Gandhi for not living the life these politicians do. why was he a fool to follow the righteous route to win the country. I just felt he was a fool in ignoring personal glory like these contemporary Indian politicians

  6. It is literally a giant leap for you. I could feel a complete change in your style, which can be commented only based on your future posts. I would say, at a few places, humour was needed da. Vocabulary has improved, yet it needs tuning…

    Good Luck for your best,
    which i hope will be your next..

    Nocturnal Bird keeps singing for ever.

    • Thanks a lot for understanding the change and the efforts I am taking to improve my writing.

      Thanks a lot for designing the Magical Illusions page on my blog. Its well written and hope your poetry adds color to my blog.

      Let the nocturnal bird sing and feel my blog forever and ever.


  7. good work da.. especially the 2nd and 4th para was awesome.. i felt tat u could have made it bit more strong, intense..

  8. hi karthi,

    this is good one…. but i think Mr Bapu though got us a Free INDIA… he was also a politicain in a true sense… but of the last century…

  9. First the negative points, lets get rid of it first,

    1. Get your facts right – If you are going to write about someone as famous, popular and researched figure like Mahatma, be careful about your facts.

    a) His sons did not go out as puff of dust, his youngest son was a editor in Hindustan Times. Yes, his family suffered a self imposed poverty and his eldest son went haywire, but that no way means they crumbled. In fact his youngest son married the daughter of Rajaji and went to father a son who is to become the Governor of Westbengal from 2004-2009

    b) Gandhiji was not arrested for Civil cases. Getting people agitated against the Government, non-cooperation were not handled by mere civil cases. Gandhiji was in the midst of one of gruelsome criminal cases in the pre-independent era

    I know, you were trying to diffrentiate the reasons for Gandhi and Current politician for their time spent of jail, but failed.

    2. Satire – No half measures,

    The genre you have tried is Satire. It is a type of writing were one has to jump and can’t act like a cat on the wall.

    Your tv comparison (apparantly Sun TV, Jaya, Kalaignar), semmozhi fell flat. If you do not openly comment, the satire is going to fall. The satire in itself is not understood and not definitely enjoyed by most people and by hinting at something and running will only make it worse.

    Either take a open stand or pass that info. If you got guts, then write publicly or else write something else. Hats off to Mr. Karuppaiyah ( I don’t think most will know him, he was recently attacked by Goondahs for writing against our CM) and wrote an article the next day of the attack.

    3. Consistency in Metaphors

    Even when you are using metaphors, there should be consistency.

    Deflowering is a very nice term, associated with a soft feeling in which the woman gives herself with utmost sincerity, love and affection to the only man she loves. It is mutual, consensual sex.

    When someone takes a virginity of a girl forcibly it is not, by any stretch of imagination deflowering, deflowering. It is called a RAPE. Deflowering here makes no sence.

    Phew, but despite all this, I like the blog as it was a different attempt and please research and write when you attempt a different style. Try reading Thuglak magazine or Pupper world in NDTV were political satire are at its best.

    Good Luck for the next post


    • Hi shiva,

      Have thought and read about the famous person before writing it as i perfectly know that i would have to face a lot of criticism if my facts had been wrong.

      I never meant to say that they died as a puff of dust to be precise. I said that not even a puff was disturbed. Both have a difference if i might tell you.

      I just meant to tell you that their death was not a big news like that of other leaders in India. I just meant to tell you their lives were unnoticed and they were completely unrecognized.

      Only his last son Devdas got a few years to work as Gandhi’s secretary.

      Second thing which I mentioned was that the history of family politics did not affect Gandhi’s family as none of the sons became a renowned leader. none ruled the roost were the words i used.

      2. I have tried this article for an audience informed about current politics. It was so nice of you to tell me that I should be open in writing the incidents on the face. The passion for writing more made me filter the names as if i had written this names.

      I wouldn’t be replying to your comment if any of the names had been there.

      3. As per Merriam Websters, deflower means to deprive of virginity. the meaning you have said seems nowhere. I use a dictionary while writing and have checked out so many sentences used by experts to check the context in which it is used.

      I am not an expert in English. so, I check twice before using a word which i really dont know.

      I have checked it again from a few more websites and this is the meaning given. You can definitely check it from your side and let me know as it would definitely enhance my vocabulary which i am terribly lacking.

      Thanks for reading my post and thanks for your encouragment


      • Agreed Da, Deflower means exactly as you say. Sorry for the wrong comment.

        Just heard in NDTV that,

        a teenage was Deflowered by a gang of 5
        a US Citizen was deflowered but despite that she intends to stay in India and complete her MBA.
        a girl child of Russian citizen was deflowered and killed in goa.

        How wonderfully it conveys the meaning. Isn’t??

        If the above news conveys you the message intended by the writer, then your usage of Deflower is on mark. Yes, its meaning is to depriving her virginity. But, this is the first time ever i am seeing the word deflower used in the context of something similar to rape. Grammatically correct. As per dictionary (whatever dictionary used) is also correct.


      • I have seen the usage of deflower in Sidney Sheldon- sands of time too as u might be aware.

        I have used it in the dictionary sense and if it is used in the way NDTV also has done it would make a better sense

      • Please da,

        NDTV did not use Deflower, they used the word RAPED and in Sands of TIme the word if my memory serves me right is used by a Soldier when he wonders what made his master’s daughter to Choose him to lose her virginity. Here too the context in which the word is used is where the girl chose a guy.

        As far as NDTV is concerned, i just replaced the word RAPE with DEFLOWER. Deflower does not fit in the Current context of your writing.

        All said and done, I shall drop this point here and my last post was supposed to be hidden satire which i now realize has failed. Now you can see the point why hidden satires do not work.


      • yeah, i misinterpreted the reply of urs i thought NDTV used it. Even it hasn’t it doesn’t alter what i have meant.

        I still stay with the dictionary meaning and i have no knowledge more than that.

        Thanks for reading

  10. The language is sublime, the thoughts a litle flawed. The message is getting lost somewhere in the lucidity of the language. Bapu still lives maybe not in India but in a country that has been pillaged, looted and continues to live in extreme poverty- in the Rainbow nation as Nelson Mandela who could forgive them who imprisoned him in solitary confinement for 26 priceles years ‘Invictus’!
    In comparison we are far more por than them
    Keep writing ‘ brickbats & bouquets take them like the Mahatma!

  11. ok dude.. lemme be very honest.. it’s awesome.. i don’t really need it to be high on tempo to stay glued to it.. I could see a burst of frustration at the prevailing political hypocrites and a desperation to see ambitious change in the political scenario… There might be gems among them.. But they’re outnumbered big time by the thugs who strip our country of her resources.. I love the way u refer to India as our Mother.. One of the best message sent across… I’d say this is my favourite blogs of urs… And not to let go of the main issue.. Bapu.. There are ppl who don’t like him… I care a doth.. I love him.. And am proud to call myself a citizen of the country to which Mahathma Gandhi belongs… I’m lovin it…

    • Hey Ramu,

      Thanks a lot for reading this. The time you take to read and comment really act as a driving force to improve myself.

      Yeah, felt very bad about the politicians in the democracy called India. I just felt when people sacrificed themselves and their families for their nation, why are these people stripping our mother of her resources.

      its really frustrating to see no change coming up in our political climate.

      very thankful to you for reading.


  12. hi karthick

    its amazing yaar……… i dont have any words to tell…. if u can write in simple words it is easy to understand………keep it up

  13. what do u wish to convey da?? do u mean even Gandhi should have also been selfish like the present day politicians?? dont u think that wud have been bad for the country as a whole..
    lovely writing da.. awesome flow..keep it up 🙂

  14. In my opinion, this post is a plain emotion of one – rather than providing a new perspective or knowledge. Many articles, films have already highlighted this thought of “praising freedom fighters and virtually accusing them because of the politicians of our days.”
    Indeed, the language is commendable.

  15. Good,interesting and a prickly one to the present politicians.Had Bapu be alive and read it today, he would have come all the way down to u and hugged u. and said “Hey Ram, bless and save this boy”

  16. After too many small love stories & cricket stuff’s, there is a change in your topic and the texts were really good…

  17. Bad article. Read more history and understand it in its true sense. Try not to make loose statments.

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