Jai hind ki sena

aye mere vatan ke logo                                   (O! the people of my country!)
zaraa aankh mein bhar lo paani                   (
have some tears in your eyes)
jo shaheed hue hain unaki                              (
those who have become martyrs)
zaraa yaad karo qurabani                               (
remember their sacrifice)

Every time I listen to this beautiful song, tears roll out of my eyes and take me to that day which defined my life.

May 12, 1999

Army Quarters, Jammu

I could sense that he was desperate and passion to make love was running high. Any man would be that way when he meets his love after six long months of loneliness. I had a steamy shower and came out with lovely red dress to make his manhood run riot.

The clock stuck nine,

He sipped a pint of wine,

Then his lips pecked mine, and

I got what was mine.

He just pushed me to the bed and I could feel the warmth of his skin on mine. He conquered every inch of me with his moist lips and the terrain wasn’t too rough for the horse to gallop. We were on fire and the burning desire was just helping us travel higher and higher towards Venus. We reached the wild land of ecstasy, our lips met, our hearts spoke, and we cuddled there, breathing hard and before I could open my lips to ask for one more, phone rung frantically.

I felt cozy under the blanket and was listening to Abhi speaking



leaving immediately Sir,

Okay Sir”.

Abhi came back slowly, sat by my side and before he could open his mouth, I asked him with great sense of sadness when he was supposed to leave and Abhi said “Abi Kargil jaana hai, Operation Vijay keliye(Need to leave to Kargil immediately for Operation Vijay)”.

The bags which he had brought that morning hadn’t been opened and he took those and left home at 11pm along with so many others in the quarters.

Once he had left, I was again forced to share my life with loneliness and the wait for a call from Abhi, was the only thing which was really worthy.

July 10, 1999

The news channels were wrecking my nerves about the intensity of the war and the casualties of the same. The absence of any news from Abhi was getting me tensed and pushing me into depression.

Finally, I got the call, the final call from Abhi

Abhi: Hey Pooja, situation is bad and couldn’t call

Pooja: Aap safe ho

Abhi: Yeah, I am fine and I have been assigned the capture of point 5140.

Pooja: Sambaalke (Careful). I am waiting for you

Abhi: Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolour, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure dear. Love you.

July 24, 1999

The phone rang again for the final time in the army quarters at Jammu, to inform me that Lt.Abhimanyu had been wrapped and was being sent to our home at Delhi for the final rites. The news pulled the life out of me, shattered my heart and every time I tried to gather myself, I broke down. My crying got my neighbors to console me saying that it was a brave death and those ladies were bringing down the gods not to give them the same plight as mine.

I rushed to Delhi, bidding adieu to all those in the quarters who were by my side when Abhi was away.

I swam through all sorts of emotions when I travelled from Jammu to Delhi. I felt the great loss, the permanent void he had created, the deadly remorse, the pride that he had shouldered the nation and the love I would miss. We generally departed to meet and met to depart but this time, we departed to depart.

July 28, 1999

The fighting ceased on July 26, 1999 and India had succeeded in Operation Vijay. I was expecting Abhi would be brought in at any time and I had made up my mind not to break down when he was brought in with all honors and I did succeed in doing so till all the final rites were completed.

When I was left with the great memories, Captain Surya came near me, held my hands and told me “Your husband was a great son to this country. I went for his cover when he was severely wounded in his leg and told him thera biwi wait kartha hai(Your wife is waiting for you) and you need to leave the field. Abhi ne bola, sir, meri maa bhi (my mother India is waiting too). He fought like a warrior and when he was about to succeed the mission, his fate was decided the other way around. When he was sweating to death in his chaps and iron chest plate he said “Khush rahanaa desh ke pyaaro ab ham to safar karate hain” (Stay happy, beloved citizens of the country, now we start our journey)”.

I broke down with great pride of being the wife of Lt.Abhimanyu who laid down his life for India when I read the last page of his diary “Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail”.

August 15, 1999

The pride I carried was acknowledged by the Indian government when Abhi was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra (India’s highest gallantry award) and when I went to collect the award, it wasn’t me alone, I had Arjun in my womb, Abhi’s gift of love for me.

PS: The warriors had only one request, remember them.

Jai Hind


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44 thoughts on “Jai hind ki sena

    • This is a pretty fact oriented article and most of the facts have been woven into a story, thats why it looks that way. Reality brings the punch, fantasy doesn’t.

  1. karthik…really nice…U ve brought out the patriotism and love in a brilliant way..Could feel somethng after seeing the post…Good one…just keep rocking.

  2. Emotions ran high when i was reading this. Abhimanyu’s son Arjun…:-) “We generally departed to meet and met to depart but this time, we departed to depart.” this particular line alone summed up the life of our warriors.!!!

    Jai Hind!!!

    • Yeah abhimanyu as per mahabharatha couldn’t come out of the chakravyuh successfully and arjun had the knowledge to do it. So named abhi’s son as arjun

  3. I would say this is your best post so far.It moved me so much.Lovely post da.”Some goals are too worthy that it is glorious even to fail”,lovely words.If you can analyze deeply you will find one thing.These brave men are dying not only for our motherland,they are dying for the greed of few men.Not every Indian and every Pakistani are enemies but we fight a war for the greed of few men,whose ideals are nothing but shit.Lovely post da.Keep writing.

    • The statement about goals, were the last words of PVC Lt. Manoj Kumar Pandey. Thats why it was so powerful gentleman. Had to do a lot of reading to bring this out.

      As you said, the soldiers on both sides were sacrificed for the greed of some big leader.. yeah their ideals as u say are nothing but the same four letter word

  4. After reading this article, I feel that when those people could dedicate not only their life but their family for the nation, why we have not been able to add some purpose to our life by giving something back to the nation.

    The article brings out the patriotism which has been sleeping in the hearts of many.

    Good. Its a wonderful article.

    Suggestion: I would also suggest you to come up with similar articles which would help us to know the worth of people who have sacrificed their lives for the nation.

  5. Ultimate da!!! In one word.. it was EXCELLENT!!! I am searching for words here..!! I loved each and every word in it..!!! Brought out the patriotic feeling in me big time!!!!

    Keep writing!! and keep on writing!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Cheers!!! 🙂

  6. dai…no words da!!! am in tears for the first time after reading an article…

    Best ever post da!!!

    Excellent!!! and i don know more words da!! if i culd see u i will express how i felt after reading this… hats off!!

    JAI HIND!!!

    • Thanks a lot Karthik for reading this.

      I felt great too while reading your comment. I feel I have been successful in bringing out the emotions which i wanted.

      Your comment has been the most encouraging one.

      Do keep reading. Thanks a lot

  7. Its great that you are writing on such topic… The patriotic feel which I get while watching movies based on the lives of the soldiers, I felt the same way after reading this 🙂 Great work Kartik!! :):)

    • Hey Pinku,

      Thanks for reading. I am really happy that i was able to make you visualise things and bring out the patriotic feel.

      Keep reading.

  8. The Essence Of Gratitude & Attitude felt in the script. That moved like a frames in front of my eyes.. Cheers man!! Good One !! Keep Goin.

    • Hey sravanth,

      It was so encouraging man when i feel i could bring out the visual impact to you. First time someone has said this.


  9. Karthik awesome work yaar..!! 🙂 🙂 keep it up man 🙂
    waiting to read many more stories frm u 🙂

    do let me kno wenevr u cum out wit ur new work 🙂
    i wil be the 1st person to read n enjoi it 🙂 i promise u tht 🙂

    cheers 🙂

    • Harinee,

      Thanks for reading, Shall definitely keep you posted whenever i fill my blog with a new one.
      Your promise is really encouraging. Thank you.

  10. the quest tat shud hit the minds is “r v truly respecting their sacrifice..???” r v honestly working along with them to fulfill their dreams??? as vishak pointed out their lives shouldn’t mean shit…

    • Thanks Swarup for reading.

      I am happy that I have made a few people think about the value of the soldiers and how they die for the greed of few.

      jai hind

  11. Good attempt of personifying female voice. Better choice of words still warranted. Keep pushing you’ll get there.

    Just commerated death ceremonies of Maj. Aima and will in two weeks Maj K. Balasunramanian (Kirti Chakra), very dear family friends.


    Desi Girl

    • @ Desi girl: Its ur magic mantra of W5H which has helped write an article like this. Thank you for your help.

      Let peace prevail

  12. First time I am coming across your blog .. Thanks to indiblogger. Normally I follow tech blogs only..This article, really touching.. It’s compelled me to comment.

  13. Really Heart touching one dude.Very nice

    You can make it bit longer to show how his love for Nation is more than his love for his wife.

  14. Hi da,

    Good one , for me it was jus like watching a documentary film , Expressing my feelings thro’ tears alone which are not dropped from my eyes 🙂 .

    Keep it up,

  15. gr8 one da …. nice to know that ppl are happy reading abt patriotism that too particularly in this part of India …… keep writing articles on these lines … so that this patriotism feeling goes down with everybody

    cheers bala

  16. Hi Karthik,
    Nice one and being a soldier, i feel very proud with the way u have portrayed the story. I am completely in agreement with bala that people in this part of the country are atleast happy reading about patriotism. Nice one keep going.
    Hoping to read many more varieties.

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