Bapu- were you intelligent???





Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,


Dear Bapu,

Sorry Bapu for placing you at hell and referring you with such an unpleasant nick name. I know half the nation would have started looking for me after the disrespect I have shown to you. But I know that you would be patient as you had never reacted to such petty issues. You have been, you are and you shall be revered as the father of the nation but only a few including you and me know that you were a father of four pillars which crumbled without a puff of dust being displaced. All your sons were Gandhis but none of those Gandhis ruled the roost. Your generosity had no limits as your surname survived, survives and shall continue to do so in the modern political world whereas the historians are still searching for your descendants.

This was the moment which created a lot of anguish in me and made me call you an intelligent fool. You were intelligent in saving our mother from the British brothels but you were a fool in handing over our loving mother to the pimps of contemporary politics.

I feel really proud that you were instrumental in the upliftment of the outcaste and giving them the title of ‘Harijans’ but don’t hang me if I call you a dismal politician. The first thing on your agenda should have been to have a media channel in your name to telecast, all through the day, the lunch you had in a Dalits’s house portraying your interest on their welfare . Something which should have been constantly maintained by you was that you hated publicity and you didn’t know how your secret schedule got leaked to the media. This would have definitely ensured a great vote bank. For a long time, I felt Zee TV was your benami holding as most North Indians pronounced it as Gee TV. I shall take the blame partially but the major blame shall be on the general nomenclature system followed. (i.e.) is to have the first letter of the politician as the name of the channel (A, B, C, V, J, K and so on).

Your political career has not only brought about a loss for you and your family but also for your fellow men at Porbandar. If you had been like any of the present day politicians, you could have made Porbandar the capital of Gujarat and if you had tried harder, it could have even been named as the capital of India. You could have also brought about a few railway stations connecting few of the airports and sea ports in Porbandar. You missed out cheaply on playing the right cards at the right time. Sometimes, I felt whether you ever knew to hold those cards. I feel pity for the people of Porbandar as Information Technology is still a distant entity and if you had just moved your coins to the correct squares, the IT corridor would have proudly stood at Porbandar making it the It hub of India. If you had been like one among the current politicians, you wouldn’t have let Gujarat be a liquor free state and would have fought to make Gujarati a Classical Language (Semmozhi in Tamil).

You were a leader of the Indian national Congress but for no use as I have never heard buses being burnt. I am completely innocent about politics without destruction of public property. I am amazed that you never knew all these things.

I completely blame you for starting the Non-Cooperation Movement as this has been religiously followed by the opposition in the parliament till date. The purpose for which it was started by you has been forgotten but the concept is very strongly embedded, “Non-Cooperation”. The ‘Quit India Movement’ which raised eye brows all over the country during the time you started receives a lot of eye balls in the form of media coverage as the principle is still being followed with a slight alteration, that the word ‘India’ is being substituted with the state concerned. Politicians today have forgotten where they belong to.

I have been criticizing you all through, but I still feel a great sense of regret in not seeing any of your sons in the cabinet. I personally feel, you lost the golden egg yielding machine when you walked out of the Indian national Congress and never thought of starting a new party competing the INC.

Something which was common between you and the present day politicians was that both of you have been arrested for so many cases, you for civil and they for criminal. If you had had a few criminal cases under your belt, the ticket for contesting in the elections would have been a cake walk for you. Bapu, weren’t you a fool in following the good for nothing philosophy of ahimsa and giving us that rotten philosophy. Your philosophy made us lose a lot of blood, flesh and precious lives of fellow men. In return ahimsa gave us our land back and gave us something more too in addition, your assassination. If you had been an intelligent criminal, it would have been Nathuram calling ‘Hey ram’ and not you.

One last thing, If you had not struggled, The British would have controlled the delicate womb of our mother and deflowered her in front of the world. We would have had roads reflecting our faces, skyscrapers blotting the skies and emotions blotting our hearts but what you have left us, is an air free to breathe, a great culture to follow and a beautiful life to live.

Be proud Bapu for being revered as the Father of the Nation instead of being spat at, as a father of a few and a husband for many.

Love you Bapu

Ram Ram

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum



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Love lost at first sight

I have never had the privilege of using the status ‘Committed’ in Facebook, Orkut or even in reality. I had never fallen in love as I had my own way of choosing the right one for spending my lovely life. I decided internally that I would fall in love, only with a woman who at first sight turns me on, makes me forget myself, and rejuvenates my sleeping mind. I also felt that a bulb would glow brightly over my head like an ‘AAHAA’ factor as said in the movie ‘Mozhi’ when I meet Ms.Perfect. I was completely depressed about not getting the right girl and even felt that I would end up with a status ‘Retired man- Single and looking’. My life was uneventful and I went on with my daily schedule from home to work and vice versa.

(Few days Later…………)

I was just leaving office at 9.30pm after a long tiring day at work and that’s when my friend Shhylesh told me that he had fallen in love with the girl he had been crazy about for a very long time. I congratulated him with the whole of my heart and thought for a moment that ‘even a dumb fellow like him could get a girl of his choice’ and why not me.

I was completely tired after the day’s work and riding back home in the traffic at night was a curse. The whole mind and body were pleading for rest as they had been tested with extreme conditions on that day. The roads leading to my house are the busiest in the city and the volume of traffic on that road never eased at any time of the day. The signals on these roads take a long time to clear and I was racing my bike to avoid as many signals as possible. I stopped my bike with a thud, when the car in front of me stopped abiding the traffic rules. I tried escaping, but was forced to stop at the signal which was one of the longest periodical traffic clearance systems taking 5 minutes for each direction.

I turned my bike off and was just looking around like everyone else on the road. My tired eyes started scanning something, tiredness perished mentally and physically, something turned me on and I was almost on the night flight trip to Venus. I could see a bright bulb glowing above my head when I saw a blue wave passing me, near the signal and moving towards the bus stop.
Red, Red, Red

I got convinced that she was my girl and was looking at her with my heart’s content. She was wearing a Peacock blue synthetic sari and was as fresh as a flower with her silky hair flowing like waves on the sculptured back of hers. The chain and the ear rings with black gems and the lovely pencil heal which she wore to protect her doll like legs made her look gorgeous and seductive too. Overall, she was perfect in every way and every asset of hers (I meant her smile and her dimple) drew my attention towards her.

She was getting me mad and I felt that was the shortest time in which one could fall for a woman. I forced myself not to wink as I preferred to use every second looking at her. After a few minutes of telepathic transmissions from my side, she looked at me with her penetrating eyes decorated with kaajal and I was turned on for the first time in my life.

The time was running much faster than it normally did. I had only 5 minutes left on the signal and she understood that I was not going to take my eyes off her. It could have been normal for such beautiful women to be looked at, by guys like me standing at the signal. She did look at me with some kind of reciprocation and I thought that I might have triggered a glowing bulb over her head for the same reason it glowed over my head when I saw her. Both our eyes were fixed at each other and the signal got cleared.

I was in a dilemma on how to proceed with such a situation. A battle of thoughts was going on in my mind as I crossed the signal slowly looking at each other. I thought that this was something which I have been waiting for a very long time and decided not to let an opportunity go to the drains. After a lot of thought, I stopped my bike at the far end of the bus stop not intending to take the risk of telling her directly about how I felt about her. I just convinced myself saying that she would come looking for me if she felt the same and was looking at her from the rear view mirror.

She looked on both the sides and started walking towards me. “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” and I was looking at her from the mirror. She was closing down near me and was standing close to my left, giving me the shock of my life. She waited for all people to disperse and looked at me with the same seductive eyes and the killing smile. I was looking at her with a lot of expectation and that’s when her sweet voice whispered “Saw you looking at me. Interested… Rs.2000 per night”.

I got shocked at such a question and I sped away from her without talking a word to her. I was unfortunate not to get the right girl . I laughed at myself for not giving importance for the bulb which glowed over my head when I saw her.

It was a red light……… and there she was from.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum

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Yamaaya Namaha (Part 2/2)

“Thanniya Saetthaa thirusangu

Thalli Vittaa un sangu”

The poet Water Vetrivel has critically expressed the importance of conservation of water(Thanniya Saetthaa) in making our place, a paradise(Thirusangu) or a grave (un Sangu).

Let’s move on to Kuppamedukuppam to have a feel of what is called the Wednesday.

Water has become very precious and common over the years in the names of people of this area and not in its true form. Most of them take it as a pride to name their kids with precious items in the like of Vayiramuthu(Diamond Pearl), Rathna Manickam(Gem Gem), Thangaraj( golden King), Thanni Kai Arasu (Water king) and so on.

(02.30 am, January 1st XX06,Chakrapani’s(Wheel water) Residence,F-12, Sunnambu Kalva)

It’s been six long years; people of Kuppamedukuppam have waited to experience this feeling and everyone here hopes that they would get to feel something which has become a rarity in their life.

Alarm Struck once and all the members of the family freshened up in a few minutes using a mug of water and retained half the mug for the next day. The whole house was in a state of rush and was looking as if they were going for a battle. Each one in their family had an item in the shape of an hemisphere with an open cone on top and referred it as a ‘Kodam’. They all hurried to the battleground, the area in front of the unclean Sintex tank. To their surprise, they were greeted with 50 kodams in front of them in the queue and 10 of it were accompanied by their owners who were lying down from the previous night. One among those had even gone to the extent of getting his rope cot to have an undisturbed sleep on the road till the morning. Some had kept their kodam and gone back home to sleep thinking their presence in the form of initials on the kodam was sufficient. Most of the shop owners being the residents of Sunnambu Kalva were among the people in the queue and none open their shops during Wednesdays as water displaces all other motives to the back seat.

People lose respect, dignity and the goodwill they have earned over the weak by fighting for an earlier spot in the queue saying that he was present personally and the others have just kept the kodams and gone to rest. Swearing at each other starts early. Gender bias was completely alien and everyone had the right to hit out at anyone in the area. Some kids even had a training session on how to tackle different age groups and some practiced with their peers. Something which people assure is that they don’t create a parliamentary set up as they maintain some decorum even in nasty dealings.

(The battle goes on till the morning and people have a ride swearing at each other with all words found in the local dictionary.)

6.30am,Battleground Sunnambu Kalva,

People stopped fighting and witnessed something strange on the market road. The motorists paused their ride, auto drivers controlled their urgency, shops on the road shifted back, Pedestrians on the pavement stuck on to the wall as if their life was at stake. None of them on the road had the guarantee for life until he passed them as he has the capability to kill anyone in anyway.


I am not talking about the Share Autos having cycle brakes, nor the Delhi Blue liner which travels on the footpath than on expressways but it’s the metro water lorry which does all atrocities one can and cannot imagine. Metro water Lorries have 694 cases registered in the last decade for killing many motorists, hookers, pedestrians and some people on the pavement too. Nothing has changed and they continue to rule the roads and the people at Kuppamedukuppam. These lorries let out half the tank cleaning the roads and bathing the motorists during their travel and give the remaining to the people of Kuppamedukuppam at double rate. He supplies what the people yearn for, and these poor souls have nothing to lose and all to gain if they salute these drivers, so as to get an extra pot. The people here have justified my title.

Even people who visit Tirupathi get satisfied faster than the people here, as they want more and more of it, not considering the people waiting behind .There was a huge commotion while filling the pots and some of them even tried filling their second pot before others could see. The 192nd person in the queue named Hamsavalli was the unluckiest of the lot as she did not get water. She said with grief that; she taking bath on a new year would be like Kumbha Mela, which happens once in 12 years. The last new year which fell on a Wednesday was 6 years back and she had to wait another 6 years to get a chance to bathe on a new year as Wednesday is the only day of the week they get water.

It was humorous to think about Hamsavalli but there is lot more we need to think about seriously. New Year should be celebrated every year and not once in six years like many other periodic festivals. Bathing can’t be an event to wait for and Hamsavalli is not a person to be duplicated again in the future.

This place Kuppamedukuppam is a part of my imagination and every event mentioned about the place is a myth but the issues and the data about lorries are true. Their atrocities are rising and we people are surrendering ourselves to them. We should conserve water and treat it precious when it’s available so that these Yamas calm their heads. This place would become a reality if we go ahead like selfish ass***es not caring about the life ahead.

I pray that this imagination doesn’t come true.

Save Water and save mankind.

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


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Yamaaya Namaha (Part 1/2)

Doesn’t this title sound strange???? It will continue to be so, until you complete the post.

Yama, the lord of death most the Hindus claim to be is not the one I am talking about. He is neither Voldermort of Harry Potter fame, who goes on a killing spree to live an immortal life nor is he Koundmani who plays the character of Yama in the movie lucky man.

He is the one who has the license to kill and gets away without being penalized by the court or pays a fine of Rs.1000 per kill. He always reserves a column in all the newspapers for his killings. One trip a day, keeps at least one man away. He simply kills anyone who crosses his path unnecessarily as he feels killing is much easier than other ways in which the kill could have been avoided.

Who is he? Is he so important that we are ignoring his killings by just giving him slight penalties? He is an integral part of the water distribution community and he is the one who carries water to most of the places where water has become a rare commodity. My set of arguments above might have been a long drawn exaggeration but I feel; only such exaggeration can make us think better.

How long can we go on like this?

Drought in one part of the country and floods in the other, Industrialization in one part and none in the other, but population pressure is something our people try to compete and balance with all other parts of the country.

We go on a rampage by clearing forests and drilling the earth to suck the maximum out of it and leave nothing to others. We disturb the water table and enjoy water whereas our brothers in other parts suffer because of us. So many lives have been lost improper distribution of water. We will reach a day when water would become more expensive than petrol and will become a part of ration shop’s distribution list along with rice and sugar.

Once we start giving respect to quality of our life and the life to come, we will start changing ourselves and our surroundings to keep the world green. If we take care of Mother Nature, we needn’t depend upon such carriers and give them undue importance as nature would give us back double of what we give her.

Am I wrong in calling the carrier as Yama? I don’t think so. These carriers have killed many and this may not be news to people in Chennai.

Why should people salute him by saying Yamaaya Namaha?

Let’s shift our focus to Kuppamedukuppam to know why they salute him.

Kuppamedukuppam is an historical place surrounded by leather industries that have bore wells dug up to 300 feet, plastic dumping yards, barren lands, and the most important feature of this place is the river Paavam, which stands second to Cooum for the stink it generates and waste it carries. Trees have been replaced with all industries and people of this place treat trees next to dinosaurs in the extinction list.

Sunnambu Kalva

Sunnambu Kalva stands tall at the heart of Kuppamedukuppam. Sunnambu Kalva is a monument built in memory of Mr.Karisanai Sedhuraman (also known as K.Sedhu by crazy Mohan). Mr. Sedhu claimed himself to be the leader of madras wing of the Sepoy Mutiny led by Mangal Pandey in Meirut in 1857. He was a bit different in his claim as he felt that most of the senior citizens claim that they are a part of freedom struggle.

Everything said and done, Mr.sedhu was born in 1935 and Sepoy Mutiny was never known in Madras. So everything about Sunnambu Kalva was just a piece of imagination, as nothing better can this place represent other than the housing board apartments built when there was peace in Afghanistan. They are two storey buildings painted with white Sunnambu a few decades earlier and stands now sans Sunnambu like a tawa which has been kept on fire for a long time in high flame covered with carbon soot.

Gaja Gajaa Bajaar formerly known as Gilma market in Kuppamedukuppam stands next to Sunnambu Kalva and is always overflowing with people and that might have been the reason for the change in name too. The word overflow has always been related with people and never with water. Flow of water was last seen in 1882 which was long before India witnessed the complete solar eclipse just prior to one witnessed in 2009. This market gives you everything at the right price from fresh fishes from the river bed to Jim bajak Gilmas (call girls) to the lodging beds but water cans are sold in black. When summer was at its peak, black market rate of water even exceeded the rate for one night with a kuppamedu’s Chameli(unacceptable, but need to). This place was like Grant road for Mumbai, but police have done a great job in giving this market a saintly look by camouflaging most of the Chamelis with their professional brains.

The wide roads laid as per the city development plan have been used to set up bigger shops on the road for a rent of Rs.15 per day which was Rs.5 more than what the police collected when the roads were small. The market was also controlled by two goons Udaya and Surya (not Teja or Gemini) on the illegal side and they were also paid as per their fee structure. Sometimes water cans have also been a part of the fee structure of both the groups, legal and illegal.

Sunnambu Kalva is the only residential complex among all commercial enterprises in the locality and the people in that area are very hospitable, descent, calm and united in all respects, including unhygienic practices which are forced due to lack of water.

People here; lose all the attributes I have mentioned above, all commercial enterprises take a back seat and the whole population looks for only one thing on every Wednesday.

What are they looking for?

(Meet You at Kuppamedukuppam on Wednesday………………)

Idhuvum Kadandhupogum


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